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Last edited on: August 21, 2012.

I am counting down the days. WOOT WOOT! School will be back in session soon. This year, I will have a 7th grader in public school, a kindergartner and preschooler (Oh! And did I mention my handsome man will be in school too?). Three days a week, they ALL have to be out the door on time, dressed, lunches in hand, homework ready, and preferably with smiles.

But the key to being efficient and getting out the door in one piece can be a little tricky.  Here are 5 tips to help you and your child ease back into the school season.

1. Routine

Now is time to begin practicing your morning and evening routines. In the summer, my kids tend to sleep in longer and go to bed later (we are so busy in the evenings catching fireflies). Two to three weeks before school starts, begin getting them up at the specified time. Have them practice getting dressed, eating breakfast, and washing their angelic faces. If needed, add competition for a prize.

2. The Night Before

This is where you will save most of your time. I used to be so frazzled in the mornings when we couldn’t find a shoe or a lunch wasn’t made. Now, I rarely get frazzled, and my kids are learning responsibility. In the evenings before bed, our kids make and pack their lunches, pack their backpacks, check the calender for the next day’s schedule, and lay out their clothes (including socks, belts, and shoes).

3. After School Party

In order to ensure homework is completed, I have each child dump their backpacks on the kitchen table as soon as they get home. With a tasty snack in hand, we go through their homework and what is expected of them. Homework is completed before they get to do anything else.

4. A Place For Everything

Have a designated place for everything: backpacks, notes from school, lunches, clothes, sports equipment. If you are not a morning person (like me), this will save you a ton of time and prevent many headaches of asking your child where he or she put something. Organization is key!

5. Extras in the Car

It happens. Breakfast gets spilled on your kiddo’s shirt on the way to school. Keep an extra set of clothes per child in the back of your car. Of course, you will need to change it out with the seasons, but this tip alone has saved me time, gas, and my sanity. It’s especially helpful if you live out of town.

With these tips in hand, you can now watch the summer sun set and eagerly await for your kids to begin their school season. For me, this year is bittersweet, with my younger two going to preschool and kindergarten. But they will have so much fun discovering the world outside their home.


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