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Last edited on: January 22, 2013.

But, like pieces of an intricate puzzle, our Lord places us in just the perfect place for his perfect plan.

Like the cattle that go down into the valley [to find better
pasturage, refuge, and rest], the Spirit of the Lord caused
them to rest. So did You lead Your people [Lord] to make for
Yourself a beautiful and glorious name [to prepare the way for
the acknowledgement of Your name by all nations.


As I look across the many layers of hills and mountains surrounding my home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I am reminded that there are
also many hills and mountains in the Spirit, with so many varying paths up each.

There is such an unfathomable depth to our Father. Romans 11:33 states his ways, methods, and paths are mysterious and untraceable.
He alone knows the exact, perfect design of revealing himself to each of us. Just as we will never climb every physical mountain, we
will never be able to climb every spiritual mountain. And even if we climb the same mountain as someone else, we will probably take different routes.

God never teaches his truths and secrets in the same order, timing, or way to any two people. He delights in speaking to and directing us individually. While this is an exciting thought, it can also lead to frustration with those around us. We want others to do it like we do it, or to be in the same place of understanding that we are. Or maybe just the opposite; maybe we look around and wish we were on someone
else’s path.

But, like pieces of an intricate puzzle, our Lord places us in just the perfect place for his perfect plan. The one thing that we can always encourage each other with is the steady, unfailing, unchanging character of God: his goodness, his wisdom, his power, and his faithfulness. These never waver or change no matter what path we are on.

In great wisdom and care, God directs us in such a way as to bring glory to his name—to cause the nations to stand in awe of him. Where are you walking today? What path is he leading you down? Do you know that in that very place exists the potential for great and glorious things?



(Excerpt from This Beloved Road: A Journey of Revelation and Worship)

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