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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: January 25, 2015.

You have an enemy and he wants to destroy you.

He knows your weaknesses. Your vulnerabilities. He understands your tendencies. And he’s plotting for you to stumble, to fall and to ultimately fail.

If you let him, he’ll con you out of what’s precious and pure and rob you of your inheritance of the Kingdom of God.

And all of the while, you’ll be eating it up thinking it tastes like candy, even as your teeth fall out and your stomach rots.

Contrary to the popular caricature of your enemy, you won’t spot him standing before you in a red suit, with horns and a tail and bearing a flaming trident.

He’s much more subtle. Lurking in the shadows, whispering in your ears. And he has a simple and brilliant strategy to lure you away from the good life. From a life of walking with God.

How does he do it? What is the secret plan of the enemy?

In a word: Later.

You feel it’s time to finally say, ‘Yes’ to Jesus.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You’re convicted about getting baptized.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

God instructs you to heal a difficult relationship.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You know you need to be proactive in strengthening your marriage.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You want your family to make going to church a priority again.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You sense the importance of getting your kids in a Bible study.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You desire a stronger prayer life.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You feel you should start tithing.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You want to read the Scriptures daily again.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

You’re feeling called to ministry.
But your enemy says, “Later.”

But, tomorrow isn’t today. And tomorrow becomes next week. And next week, becomes next month. And then a year passes and then another, and you find yourself asking the question, “What happened?”

It was all because of Later. Sorry. Wrong answer. The enemy won. You lost.

Because, make no mistake about it. When God gives us instructions for our life, it always is accompanied with the word, “Now.” He doesn’t want us to continue to hurt ourselves for another moment. He wants what’s best for us now.

You never will hear Him ask you to do something and then follow it up with a, “When it’s convenient,” or “if you can find the time.”

Now means now. When we choose Later, we’re merely being disobedient to God and we’re damaging ourselves and those trusted to our care.

But, we have a merciful God. And we can start defeating our enemy with a spirit of obedience to God. By responding now.

Want to live on the edge? Try praying this:

Father. What would you like for me to do now?

When you hear the response. Do it. Now. Own it. Implement it. Commit to it.

And see if you don’t get blessed in a powerful way. Now. Later. And forever.

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