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The Goal: Positively Influencing Our Culture

The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone is written, directed, and produced by bestselling author and owner of MeThinx Entertainment, Bill Muir.  MeThinx Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Muir and philanthropist, John Duke, with the sole purpose of bringing wholesome family films which positively influence our culture to the big screen. Alex Kendrick of Sherwood Films has also joined the cast and promotion of this film.



Bill Muir is the producer, writer and director of The Lost Medallion. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment


Kendrick, known for his passion for influencing the culture, became involved with this film for one reason—to make a significant impact on children’s lives. Kendrick believes, “Our kids’ hearts are under attack from the deception of destructive lies found in media and our culture and the words of mean kids.” He encourages, “Every family to see this film . . . twice.” Muir asked Kendrick to craft and polish the first cut of this film to increase the impact. Kendrick added a wrap-around story to amplify the message. He was then invited to be a part of the added story which now begins and ends with the children’s lives in an orphanage.


Daniel Anderson (Alex Kendrick) cleverly crafts a story for the kids in an orphanage. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


Alex Kendrick, a devoted father of six, admits he has a soft heart when it comes to orphans and foster children. He believes, “The Lord boils down true ministry to ministering to orphans and widows.” It was one of the reasons he was thrilled to be a part of this movie. He also thinks that, “Audiences that enjoyed Courageous and Facing the Giants will also enjoy this film. Although a bit of different flavor, the overall themes of God’s love, His power, and His involvement in our lives will resonate with these viewers.” He sums up this movie with three words:  ACTION, ADVENTURE and INSPIRATION.




The children at the orphanage are eager to hear an adventurous story. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment


The Plot

This adventure begins as Daniel (Alex Kendrick, Courageous) visits a foster home to drop off a donation. Eagar for adult attention, the kids rope him into telling them a story. Daniel, desiring to teach them the truths about their value in life, cleverly crafts the tale of Billy Stone (Billy Unger, National Treasure) and his friend, Allie (Sammi Hanratty, American Girl), who uncover a long-lost medallion and accidentally wish themselves back in time. Billy’s father is the archeologist who’s been searching for the medallion his entire life.


A humble king creates a magic medallion from his own crown which grants wishes only to the pure in heart. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.



Billy’s loyalty is tested when his must give up the precious medallion to the evil warlord (Mark Dacascos, Hawaii Five-O) to save Allie’s life. Billy and Allie then join together with a young, arrogant king (Jansen Panettiere, The Perfect Game) and wise old man (James Hong, Blade Runner) to save the island people from slavery and retrieve the medallion.


Allie (played by Sammi Hanratty) is captured by Cobra’s men. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


Billy and his friends are in for an incredible Indiana Jones-type adventure as they jump over waterfalls, glide through the jungle on a vine-made zip line, and sneak through underground caves admidst a breathtaking backdrop.


Bill Muir uses a few stunt doubles to stage the getaway on vine-like zip lines. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment


Billy Stone (Billy Unger) leads his comrades through underground caves to retrieve the medallion. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


This band of friends cooperates to achieve great things and they discover that each person is a medallion in the eyes of God—created with a special purpose. And Allie, an abandoned orphan, learns from the wise man, “You may have been an accident to your mother, but you were no accident to God.”


Billy and his friends learn the value of cooperation in The Lost Medallion. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


Movies that Teach While Entertaining

The Newtown Tragedy clearly shows the impact that violence and declining values have on our culture. There is a great need today for movies that entertain while teaching important values that help kids grow into responsible, loving adults. This is one of those films. It teaches the value of friendship (not bullying), teamwork, and good winning over evil. It is a film the entire family can enjoy without parents worrying about subliminal messages and what’s around the corner. So sit back, grab a bag of popcorn, and enjoy the entertainment. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat while teaching character at every turn.


The wise man (James Hong) helps to guide the kids on their journey. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


This movie is a set up for parents to engage children in meaningful discussion. Bill Muir is also offering as an aid to parents as a free download of his 12 minute Beyond the Sky film that clearly presents the gospel in a clever way.


The Lost Medallion contains no objectionable content in the way of language or immorality. It was primarily filmed in Thailand with an all-star cast and an all-star production team. It was recently awarded the Best Original Score at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival and was also runner up for Best Feature Film. This kidventure is rated PG. Although it’s geared towards tweens, parents may want to screen it before showing to younger children due to thematic content of death. Although death is not glorified, it does happen at the hands of Cobra several times intensifying his evilness.


Mark Dacascos stars as Cobra, the evil warlord, in The Lost Medallion. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


This film is scheduled to release March 1 nationwide. Organizations and ministries such as Awana, gmc TV, Youth for Christ, Church Web Works, Equipping Kids and J12 are partnering with The Lost Medallion to support and promote this film.


Get Involved in the Culture Wars

If you want to see more films like this on the big screen, here’s my advice. Attend the movie, especially on the first weekend when it’s released. This first weekend determines the life of a film and how many theaters carry it. If you feel it is worthwhile, spread the word to your friends and family through word of mouth and social media. Then when it comes out on DVD, buy or rent it and invite the neighborhood kids to your house for a great adventure. In this way we can all be salt and light to a world that desperately needs it.



As a counselor in the public schools for 30 years, this film will definitely be put in my film library for students to check out. Pastors will want to show this church promo movie trailer to their congregations or add it their church websites.


Sonoma Christian Home Contributor Ginny Dent Brant caught up with Bill Muir to ask him questions about this Indiana Jones-type kids adventure aimed at reaching children and tweens.


SCH – What made you decide to make a film for children?

Bill – I went to the theater one day and noticed a young woman searching for a movie to take her kids to. Nothing on the marquee was appropriate for their age. I thought to myself, there are not enough movies out there with a good message that a family can enjoy together. That motivated me to create The Lost Medallion.


Billy (Billy Unger) and his friends are captured by Cobra. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


SCH – Why did you create MeThinx Entertainment?

Bill – Methinx Entertainment was started to provide family friendly, God affirming films and books that would be attractive especially to children and teens. Methinx Entertainment creates original material, produces and distributes faith-based movies to theaters and retailers. We are now launching several internet based outreaches for men, women and teens.


SCH – With the cost of filming primarily in Thailand, I’m curious about the budget for this film?

Bill – We were originally going to film in Hawaii and were looking at a much higher budget to film there. One of our location scouts suggested Thailand where she was from. We were able to go to Thailand and film with a crew of about 200 and cheaper than Hawaii. The  overall production budget was around 4 million.


SCH – If The Lost Medallion becomes a big hit, will you consider sequels?

Bill – Sure, I have already written two novels that would be great additions to the “Adventures of Billy Stone” both that touch on a similar side.  The first is “Hidden Treasure” and second is “Search for The Golden Chest.” We would love to perhaps bring all the kids back together for a second film.


SCH – Considering the lack of wholesome TV programs for tweens, have you considered doing a TV series of The Adventures of Billy Stone?

Bill – We are waiting to see how The Lost Medallion does first before we go to TV, but anything is possible!


SCH – The screen play with the wrap around was powerful, the scenery was spectacular, and your two main characters were amazing. Tell us about Billy Unger. What drew you to him?

Bill – Well, Billy is a sharp kid. He is experienced in martial arts, and he knows how to take direction. He came in for an audition, did some martial arts and flips, and we knew he was it. Now Billy is the top male character on Disney XD now in Lab Rats. He is a very talented young man.


Billy Stone (Billy Unger) learns he must first serve to be a leader. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


SCH – Sammi also played her role as a pro. Tell us more about her.

Bill – Sammi is such a sweet girl and has a great presence on camera. Billy and Sammi clicked and became friends quickly.  It was easy to direct them together. She has a natural draw to her, and she was the very first America Girl. It makes my job as a director easy when I have kids like Sammi and Billy who are seasoned vets in front of the camera.


Allie (Sammi Hanratty) helps Billy to find the lost medallion his father has been searching for his entire life. Courtesy of Methinx Entertainment.


SCH – Where can parents go to download Beyond the Sky?

Bill – Right now we are planning on launching a Facebook campaign where people can go to the app and sign up to watch it for free. We ran a test that proved to work very well. If people want to buy the DVD – you can get it from
Stay tuned to The Lost Medallion Facebook and website. We should have some news coming out soon about seeing it.


SCHThe Lost Medallion opened March 1, 2013. What were your first weekend box office sales?

Bill – We did really well, we averaged about $2600 a screen and in some cities beat out Jack the Giant Slayer. Our team laughs that The Lost Medallion slayed the giant in those cities. So far we have been pleased.


Click here to watch the Movie Trailer The Lost Medallion Trailer

For more information go to


Ginny Dent Brant is an educator, writer, counselor, soloist, Christian speaker, and Bible teacher. Her book about her spiritual journey with her father, Harry S. Dent, Sr., Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World was released in 2010 by CLC Publications. Chuck Colson was her cover endorser.  Ginny and her husband Alton have three sons and live in Clemson, SC. More info at



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