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Last edited on: November 2, 2016.

No one was more devastated than me when the 17 Republicans candidates (many who were Evangelicals), widdled down to my last choice, Donald Trump. Although Trump’s beliefs and mine were most similar, it was his character issues that caused me much concern. I was praying for an evangelical to lead this country. I’m now praying for evangelicals to be in this next cabinet and for Christians to unify and vote Trump. So here are my five reasons I will and won’t hold my nose as I vote for Donald Trump for President.

I remember what the Romanian church leaders said to me when I visited there in 2008 after my father, Harry S. Dent, Sr., passed, and Obama was running for president. “Why are you in America going towards what we came from? We never want to go back to government control of everything.” Government control destroyed their entire infrastructure and crushed their freedoms. My dad, church leaders, and I who traveled to Romania got to see that up close. The Romanians were ecstatic when they were freed from the clutches of Communism.

So here are my five reasons I will have to hold my nose when I pull that lever:

1. Trump’s background in casinos and gambling, his three marriages, and lifestyle choices;

2. His inappropriate tweets at 3:00 am in the morning;

3. His reactive responses to his opponents instead of maintaining a proactive position;

4. His refusal to release his tax returns to the public; and

5. The recent disclosed audio, which revealed him speaking disrespectfully about women.


And here are my five reasons I won’t need to hold my nose when I pull that lever:

1. Trump’s selection of Governor and former Congressman Mike Pence as his running mate. Pence appears so presidential and unabashedly displays his faith. Although I wish he was running for president, he will be second in-line. His connections and wisdom will be invaluable to Trump.

2. Trump’s commitment to appoint men and women in the likes of Anthony Scalia to the Supreme Court as more vacancies will occur. His list of 21 possible nominees is a clear indication that he will support the constitution at a time when our country is hanging in the balance.

3. Trump’s announcement of an Evangelical Advisory Board, and selection of wise men and women such as Ben Carson who are already advising him, and possible future cabinet appointments such as Trey Gowdy, etc. (Here’s an article outlining the details of that board.)

4. Trump’s business skills and demonstrated work ethic, which he has successfully passed down to his children. (Most billionaires fail to do this.)

5. Trump’s commitment to protecting the rights of the unborn, controlling spending, protecting our borders, supporting our military and veterans, supporting our ally Israel, and protecting our religious freedoms and second amendment rights.

Technically, I just gave ten reasons. There is no way I could hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton. The list for reasons against her is so long, I would suffocate, and that is what she will do to the America we know and love.


Every time I hear Hillary Clinton proudly brag about her stance on protecting a woman’s right to choose (the murder of her own baby even up to the last trimester), while continuing to lie about her deleted emails, Benghazi, and money laundering through the Clinton Foundation (some of which were raised from her international contacts while doing business as our secretary of state), I remain more determined to click that Trump button! I do believe that Donald Trump was motivated to enter this race because he is very concerned about our country.

It comes down to this, “Who would best support Biblical values even though that person may not a Christian?” That’s stating it more positively than negatively. It’s about the direction of this country more than anything. I prefer religious freedom, preserving the constitution, protecting life, and holding to God’s definition of marriage. I’d rather have Jesus as King, but on this earth; however, I’ll take a Cyrus or Nebuchadnezzar type (surrounded by a bunch of Daniels) over Jezebel any day.

We must retain our religious freedoms if we are to continue to send missionaries to the world. God can change the heart of a king or president and use them to carry out His plan. Our selection of candidates may well be His hand of judgment upon us. I have no doubt He is bringing us to our knees (and I’m amazed at His grace). If we don’t turn to Him in repentance and prayer, more judgments will follow.

My father spent 25 years of his life defending and fighting for the freedoms of our country through military and political service. Although that is a high and noble calling, we both learned that God did not bless us with freedoms and prosperity so that we can achieve the American Dream. He gave us our freedoms so we can accomplish the will of God in our lives and be a part of the Great Commission.

From Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World

It is our privilege to be able to vote in this three-ring circus of an election. Many around the world envy our rights. Al Mohler recently said, “What we have always done is vote in a fallen world for fallen candidates in a fallen political construct and done the best we could . . . “ As our nation becomes more and more secular, we will have to vote the best we can. In my humble opinion, I’m not endorsing a candidate, I’m simply voting for the direction of this country.

As a friend of mine, Harry Traylor, stated with wisdom and common sense:

Let’s say you were on your way to an urgent meeting with your lawyer to save your home and life savings from bankruptcy and your car broke down. There are only two mechanics that can work on your car. One has a great reputation for fixing cars at a fair price. The other has a reputation of botching the job and way overcharging. Both are known to be alcoholics and have scandalous backgrounds.

Do you choose the mechanic with the best record for fixing car problems or, the lousy mechanic, or, do you decide not to go to either one and lose your home and life savings?

It’s up to us to be salt and light wherever we go in this world. That’s our job–and to pray for our leaders—whoever that might be. Our power will be most manifest on our knees. Are we begging God’s forgiveness? Are we asking what He would have us to do if by His grace we are able to retain our religious freedoms?

Oh, God is speaking. Are we listening?

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord.

Isaiah 55:8

For dominion belongs to the Lord, and He rules over the nations.

Psalm 22:28

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