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Jonathan Cahn, a New York Times best-selling author of The Harbinger, grew up in a Jewish home of the tribe of Levi. Although he abandoned his roots for atheism, he now walks in a different direction sounding a prophetic call for America to return to God. As many begin to question what is happening to this land that we love, his book sales and message are soaring to unbelievable heights. Soon, you’ll understand why.


His Roots and Transformation


Cahn’s Jewish heritage traces to the priestly tribe of Levi and the house of Moses’ brother, Aaron. His father, who fled Hitler’s Third Reich, met his mother, whose family escaped persecution under Russian Czars, while both were pursuing their Ph. D’s in chemistry. Cahn, who was born and bred in New Jersey, questioned his upbringing and became an atheist at age 8. When a friend told him about Jesus at age 12, he then began questioning his atheism and began a search for truth. It was Hal Lindsey’s, The Late Great Planet Earth, wherein he found evidence of his Jewish Messiah through the prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures—a Messiah born in Bethlehem to save the world.


Jonathan Cahn is one of the most interviewed Christians in America. Photo courtesy of Charisma Magazine/Sean Roberts


At age 19, Cahn was struck by a train, barely escaping death. That close call coupled with another close encounter, got his attention. He realized these near death events put him “inches from his eternal destiny.” At age 20, God used these crises to bring him to his knees. He surrendered his heart to our Lord and answered the call to ministry. His early ministry began with the poor, the disabled and homeless in New York City. His nurturance came through the Nazarene Church. Today as husband and father of two young children, Cahn is president of Hope of the World Ministry and he leads the largest Messianic congregation in the US at Beth Israel, outside New York City. He shares the message of the Messiah to Jew and Gentile, Israel, and the nations.

Beth Israel, the largest Messianic church in the US, celebrates Resurrection Sunday. Photo courtesy of Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu

A Nation in Decline


Rabbi Cahn believes as do many, the recent national election represented a tipping point showing our problems in this country are clearly more spiritual than political. For the first time in our nation’s history, the majority of voters supported a candidate and platform that openly endorsed abortion and opposed the Biblical definition of marriage. This once great nation, founded upon Judeo-Christian values and Biblical principles is currently in a rapid moral decline.

“No nation can turn away from God that has been so blessed by God, without suffering the consequences.” From Cahn’s speech at the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. Photo courtesy of Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu

The Significance of 9/11


Every American can recall where they were when they heard the devastating news of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The following Sunday, I heard the late Dr. Avery Willis preach at First Baptist Columbia (SC) about The Seven Stages in the Judgment of God. Dr. Willis and Dr. Henry Blackaby, well-known authors and prophets of our day, were sounding the alarm before 9/11 about what was to come should America continue its turn from God. There was no doubt in my mind God was removing His hedge of protection from our nation (Dr. Willis’s  5th out of 7 stages of judgment) as we as a nation have continued in our self-sufficiency and arrogance to depart  from Him.

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 sent shockwaves through our country and the most sophisticated system in the world was breached. Photo courtesy of Time LightBox/Robert Clark

The Example of Ancient Israel


Cahn reminds us that in the last days of ancient Israel (the Northern Kingdom), nine harbingers or signs of judgment appeared in the land. Each was a warning for Israel to return to God to avoid destruction. As a nation blessed and preserved by God, she had driven God out of every part of her life. God loved her with all His heart and He continued to send prophet after prophet to warn of the impending doom. Israel, however, did not heed these merciful warnings from God.


As a result in 722 BC, the Assyrians, the feared terrorists of her day, attacked her and brought her into captivity. The Southern Kingdom, Judah, eventually was also taken into captivity by the much feared Babylonians. God allowed Israel to be shaken—not for the purpose of destruction, but as a wake-up call.  When Israel walked with God, the nation enjoyed great blessings and protection. When she strayed from God, He was faithful to discipline her in love.

Rabbi Cahn preaches the Word of God at Beth Israel each Sunday. He has grown the church from 35 to being the largest Messianic church in the US. Photo courtesy of World Net Daily

The Parallel and Application to America


Any of this sound familiar? America is not Israel, but the Puritans and Pilgrims left Europe in pursuit of religious freedom. Many of our founding fathers embraced the God of the Bible. When one reads the inscriptions on our nation’s monuments and early documents, there’s no doubt this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles in the Bible. There’s also no denying as Abraham Lincoln said towards the end of the Civil War, “We’ve been blessed as no nation has ever known . . .  yet we’ve forgotten God.”

These words are inscribed on the interior wall of the Jefferson Memorial.


And here we are in this day, removing God from every part of this once blessed nation. When we sought to be a light to the nations by sending more missionaries than any other country and supporting Israel, we were blessed beyond all measure. We rose to become the world’s most powerful nation—both politically and economically. Yet our rise to success and prosperity has now led us to self-sufficiency and a turning away from God. Yes, we too, have forgotten God.


What is a Modern Day Prophet?


Old Testament prophets were Israelites appointed by God to call God’s people to repentance. Without the written Word of God (The Bible), God spoke through them. Prophets in our day do not receive new revelation from God as they did in the Old Testament. They are anointed by God to call His people to repentance in these days, by pointing to His word and revelations in the Bible. They must be tested, however, that they do not add to or take away from the Bible.J.D. Greear of The Summit Church in NC cleverly says, “Old Testament prophets were revealing new messages from God; modern day prophets are merely elevating already-revealed messages to us.” Many of us have men we esteem as prophets in our day. Many believe that Jonathan Cahn falls into this modern day category.  But that does not let the rest of us off the hook.  God calls all of us to be salt and light in these dark days.

Some Christians call Rabbi Cahn a modern day prophet. Photo courtesy of Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu

Cahn’s Message at the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast


While President Obama was being sworn in for his second term, Christians gathered to pray for the future of our country at an event called “The Inaugural Prayer Breakfast” on January 21, 2013. Jonathan Cahn was the keynote speaker. His 35 minute message has been carried across America on YouTube and is well worth listening to. His message resonated with what God had been teaching and revealing to many believers including my husband and me about the removal of His protective Hand from this country. His prophetic words sent cold chills up my spine as he brought to light details with undeniable evidence that few have noticed.He sounded like a modern day prophet when he proclaimed, “We must sound the alarm . . . and if I offend you, I apologize that I cannot apologize for offending you.” He asserts that spiritual amnesia has overtaken America and he warns that, “On 9/11 our hedge of protection was lifted as a wake-up call, but America did not wake up. And today, we are no closer to revival.”  Cahn’s message has continued to be carried by numerous magazines, and radio and TV programs across this country including The 700 Club and Huckabee.

Jonathan Cahn speaks boldly at the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, “Something has happened to the City on the Hill. Its glory has faded. It now stands in judgment. We have made ourselves strangers to God.” Photo courtesy of Hope of the World Ministry

Cahn’s Revelation of the Harbingers


After 9/11, Jonathan Cahn was praying and felt led to this passage in Isaiah 9:10. In 732 BC, after rejecting God’s repeated warnings through His prophets, God removed His hedge of protection and allowed Assyria to invade her borders.  Later in 722 BC, the Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed. This passage in Isaiah  9:10 was Israel’s response when God first disciplined them attempting to wake them up.


The bricks have fallen down,
But we will rebuild with hewn stones;
The sycamores are cut down,
But we will replace them with cedars. (NKJV)
 Later, while standing and praying at the corner of Ground Zero, Cahn’s attention was drawn to an object. He felt led to seek it out. He walked toward the only building in the area of Ground Zero that survived the devastation, St. Paul’s Chapel. The Chapel, built in 1766, had not one window broken after 9/11. It had become a sanctuary for the recovery workers and a memorial visited by millions each year.There in the cemetery courtyard was a tree that had been struck by one of the Twin Tower’s beams. That tree protected the historic chapel. What kind of tree? A sycamore tree—a rarity in New York City. Cahn later found that David Wilkerson preached in Times Square Church on this same passage.

The Sycamore Tree is the symbol for judgment in the Old Testament. Photo courtesy of World Net Daily


You may have to see it to believe it, but my husband and I visited this historic church when we were in New York City, the week prior to the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial. At that time, we did not know the significance of the ground we were walking on.


St. Paul’s Chapel is one of the oldest buildings in New York City.


 Cahn believes these words of George Washington in his first presidential address were a prophetic warning to the nation:The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself hath ordained.

The first inauguration was not held in Washington, DC. Our first president was sworn in at Federal Hall in New York City. George Washington’s first act as president was not to pass a bill or legislation. It was to pray. And where did our founding fathers gather to dedicate this country to God? At Ground Zero in St. Paul’s Chapel. Cahn points out that God’s judgment comes to the place of consecration. For the Northern Kingdom, it was the Temple Mount. For us, it was Ground Zero.

Soloman’s Dedication of the Temple – painting by James Tissot. Picture print courtesy of the Jewish Museum in New York City.

The Hand of God in The Harbinger
When Jonathan Cahn was led to the sycamore tree at Ground Zero, he shared with his congregation what God was showing him in the book of Isaiah. They were convinced this message should go forth. As he began to write, the words flowed easily to this unknown and inexperienced author. Writing and publishing are both tedious and difficult skills to accomplish. God provided the publisher through a providential meeting at the Charlotte Airport. Since the release of the book, the success and attention it has garnered has been miraculous. God is speaking.

Rabbi Cahn gives the Aaronic Blessing. He proclaims, “If a nation does not settle its issue with God, all other solutions will fail.” Photo courtesy of Ha Navi Gallery/ajmu

The Message in The Harbinger according to Jonathan Cahn:
The Harbinger is the revealing of an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future. The mystery is behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the American economy. It’s so specific that it actually reveals the words of American leaders before they speak them, and gives exact dates of recent events, down to the hours.
The mystery begins in the last days of ancient Israel, when nine harbingers, prophetic signs of warnings and omens of destruction appear in the land. The people of Israel ignore them, and the nation is wiped off the face of the earth. The scary thing is that these same nine harbingers of judgment are now reappearing on American soil with precision—some in New York and some in Washington DC involving American leaders and the White House. The Harbinger is the revealing of this mystery and the fact that America is being warned of coming judgment.

Cahn’s message has been carried by numerous magazines, and radio and TV programs across this country including The 700 Club and Huckabee. Photo courtesy of CBN


In Part II, we’ll look at the some of the harbingers and how they’ve reappeared on American soil, and Jonathan Cahn will respond to my questions.

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    I’ve just learned about Jonathan Cahn, today! I’ve been getting CD’s from Paster Mark Biltz (El Shaddah Ministries), for about 2 yrs. I’ve been SOOOO Excited to learn about, how the Torah..New Testament & Prophets, fit together. I’ve learned a LOT. I’ve been Loving & Serving the Lord for 43 years!! I Love the Lord & wouldn’t want a life without HIM!! I want to find a dedicated (Christian/Messanic Jewish Man) for My Life! Devoted to the Lord and can Lead/Teach Me, to have a Life(With Him) to Live Our lives together, to Love & serve Him, for the Rest of Our Lives! I know the Lord is close to returning! Keep teaching Us, more of the ways of God! Lets get away from pegan hollidays, and celabrate Jesus’ REAL Birthday!! Teach more people to Know/Stand Up for the Word of God!! Thanks for Your Ministry!! Let’s hear MORE From YOU!! GBY Margie Hopper

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      In Part II of this interview, Jonathan Cahn will answer some questions about being a Messianic Jew and wht he sees happening as God is working. Stay tuned to Part II.

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