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Dreams from His Heavenly Father

Jesus. There’s something about that name. His life and death have been poignantly portrayed in many movies. In a vision, God recently stirred the heart of David Wood, a 30-year veteran in Hollywood, to beautifully portray in film, Jesus’ life following His resurrection. Wood, who formerly worked with companies like MTV, Star Search, NBC, and CBS, experienced a Damascus Road conversion eleven years ago. That movement of God in his life transformed him from being a part of the problem in Hollywood to being part of the solution. Wood is now determined to make a difference for Christ—through a movie called The Resurrection.

David Wood, Executive Producer, The Resurrection


Acts 2:17 (NAS)

Jim Caviezel as Jesus in The Passion of The Christ; Photo by Antonello; Courtesy of Icon Productions

The Resurrection will be filmed in Israel and will focus on the events surrounding the resurrection and the 40 days thereafter including His ultimate ascension to Heaven. This film will allow the viewer to walk where Jesus walked with the highest quality of advanced technology in filmmaking.  Wood is prayerfully gathering the best in Hollywood to bring this part of the greatest story ever told to the big screen. The production will include a world-class script, a well-experienced production team, top-notch casting and actors, five-star music composers, and a top-level marketing team.


 Hollywood’s Way Versus God’s Way

Wood’s vision is one that breaks the typical Hollywood mold. He desires to make this movie God’s way by allowing Him to lead in every decision. Executive co-producers include Chuong Thai, Tim Price, Michelle Seidler, Fernando Chevez, and Igbo Obioha. Thai, the owner of Vertical Streaming, will be in charge of film distribution and will give this project the access to technology that will allow streaming to any device worldwide.

From the Center for Prayer, Price is involved in the movement to pray for Hollywood, and along with Seidler, the founder of Samuel Company, will provide intercessory prayer and spiritual guidance. Chevez, the founder of the online social crowdfunding platform FaithLauncher, will spearhead the grassroots marketing effort creating a united church in ownership behind this film. Obioha, an expert in entertainment law, will serve as legal counsel to the Resurrection Project.

Fernando Chavez, Founder and CEO of Faith Launcher at the 2012 Pan Pacific Film Festival


To Every People, Tribe and Nation

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ will be a release as never seen before. It will be vertically streamed into churches, homes, movie theaters, computers, and hand-held devices throughout the world from one website. Faith Comes by Hearing, a ministry whose mission is to translate the Bible audibly, has the ability to translate this film into every known language in their database with the push of a button.

This ability to instantaneously translate and simulataneously stream The Resurrection is a feat of state-of-the-art technology, unique to our present day. The long-term goal of this project is to audibly dub the languages into the movie to meet the needs of the seventy percent of our world that are oral learners. (Data from Grant Lovejoy’s research paper entitled “The Extent of Orality”) These capabilities alone should give any believer cold chills.


Grassroots Marketing

FrontGate Media Founder and CEO, Scott A. Shuford

Hollywood movies usually begin with investors and a script, and then proceed with filming, editing, and marketing. This film, however, will begin with marketing. The executive co-producers feel led to begin grassroots marketing efforts involving both high-end investors and believers who can participate as spiritual producers. All believers will have the opportunity to be a part of what God is doing by contributing, praying, and promoting this film.

Wood has been busy meeting with investors. The budget for marketing and filming a movie the scope of The Resurrection will require $100 million. The budget also includes $7 million for the development of a video game that will be released at the same time as the movie.  Wood’s goal to high-end investors with $100,000 minimum investment to establish the majority of the funding has received a miraculous response.

The Bible is filled with the accounts of God doing extraordinary things through ordinary people. Wood is also hoping to attract an immense network of Christians who will donate $25 each to contribute to the funding.

Another way Christians can get involved is through the Ambassador Program. These individuals are committed to help promote the film in their own communities and pray for all aspects surrounding the movie. As of recently, The Resurrection Project has already secured 100 ambassadors representing 26 different countries. These early co-producers are excited about this new vision of marketing, filming, producing, and distributing this film through the power of God’s people united for a common goal.


David Wood at the 2012 Pan Pacific Film Festival

Wood’s desire is to involve global church organizations from the beginning in this project. He is already meeting with Evangelical leaders such as Morgan Jackson of Faith Comes by Hearing, Ted Vail of Foursquare Missions International, and John Robb of the International Prayer Council. He hopes to meet with as many Christian leaders as possible and involve the entire world-wide church as spiritual producers. Please contact David Wood at if you are interested in more information.

Diogo Morgado portrays Jesus in a scene from the hit miniseries “The Bible.” Photo courtesy of the History Channel

The Impact of Films about Jesus
The Jesus Film, produced by Campus Crusade in 1979, has impacted the lives of over 200 million people worldwide and has been translated into 1145 languages. Rick Warren calls it “the most effective evangelistic tool ever invented.” The Passion of the Christ, filmed in 2004, remains the highest grossing R-rated film of all time. The Bible miniseries on the History Channel  recently attracted 12.3 million viewers for its last episode which has caught the attention of Hollywood.  It’s no secret that quality films made about the life of Jesus have engaged the hearts of many and made their impact on this world. This will be the first film about Jesus in beautiful 3-D. I believe the impact of this film will be astounding.

Brian Deacon as Jesus in “The Jesus Film. Photo Courtesy of Inspirational Films


Sonoma Christian Home Magazine Supports The Resurrection Project

Sonoma Christian Home has agreed to partner with The Resurrection Project to provide the current updates as they occur, including contests and other ways you can contribute ideas to the film. SCH Founder Erica Galindo had the honor of working alongside David as a platinum sponsor for the 2012 Pan Pacific Film Festival, of which David was one of the Executive Producers. It was at this festival Erica first met David and became convicted by the Holy Spirit to support the film in every way possible.

“What impressed me the most about David, was his incredible testimony, his heart for the Lord and his passion to bring this project to the world. He also has an incredibly warm and caring personality, which accelerates his ability to bring great people together for a great cause,” reflected Erica.

“One of the best parts of the Pan Pacific Film Festival was simply the amazing group of Christian leadership that David brought together. The event was saturated with uber-talented, mature Christians who are fully committed to serving the kingdom. It was a wonderful event on so many levels. I have no doubt that God’s hand is on The Resurrection Project and the film will be used to bring tens of thousands, maybe even millions of souls into the kingdom.”

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Sonoma Christian Home Founder & Editor in Chief, Erica Galindo with David Wood at the 2012 Pan Pacific Film Festival

According to David Wood:

The real power of Christianity is in the risen Jesus. Even though we all know that Christ went to the cross for our sins, it’s really the power of Him resurrecting which is the power of who we as Christians really are. It’s a story about love and hope. This is a much more positive story.
One Last Chance

No one knows the day or time of His Return to earth; however, hearing about this film brings this well-known verse to mind from Matthew 24:14 (NAS), “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come. We are living at a time when the signs are evident His Second Coming is near, and without a doubt we are closer than those before us. There’s no better means to preach the gospel than through His life and resurrection. It makes one wonder if this film is God’s  gracious, final knocking on the hearts of a lost world—giving just one last chance. This film is scheduled to release Easter of 2015.

Sonoma Christian Home is very excited about the Resurrection Project and sent Editor at Large Ginny Dent Brant to converse with David Wood on how the film is coming together. We believe this project could become one of the most important and effective tools of our generation for reaching a lost world for Christ.

Monica Bellucci as Magdalen in Passion of the Christ; Photo by Courtesy of Icon Entertainment

SCH – Were you involved in The Passion of the Christ? Will anyone from The Passion of the Christ be involved in The Resurrection?

David – I was not involved with The Passion but some team members were and we will definitely see more joining us on our journey with The Resurrection.

SCH The Passion of the Christ netted over $370 million at the box office. What do you anticipate to be your viewing audience?

David – We believe we will do greater numbers for several reasons: 1) The church is much more organized now; 2) We will get a PG rating allowing more people to see it; and 3) We’re doing a global release by using vertical streaming on the opening weekend, thereby increasing the numbers and impact dramatically.


SCH – It is evident that God has given you a vision for this film. What do you hope to accomplish by making it? Can you share any more information about the vision God gave you?
David – The first part of the vision was to bring unity of the church on a global level working on this project. The second part is to reach the world with the love of Jesus Christ proclaiming that He is alive today and all can have a relationship and encounter with Him, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

SCH – Will any part of this film recap the Cross?

David – No, we really want this story to focus on telling the good news, giving people hope, showing the love of Christ, and sharing our glorious future in Heaven. We desire for people to see there is much more to life than what we see on this earth.

SCH – Do you believe we are living in the end times?

David – I do think we are living in the end times. I believe this film is the catalyst for the final wave of reaching people with the good news. I also believe the last mission field is not some jungle tribe or lost peoples group in South America. Our last mission field will be the Internet and hand held devices like cell phones. Our strategy is to reach the seven billion people of the world including the younger generation who use technology in their everyday life. We want to put this film in every language, so everyone can hear and see the most powerful story of all time.


I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies.

JOHN 11:25

To become a spiritual producer go to
To learn more about the movie at
To contact David send an e-mail to



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