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Last edited on: February 9, 2015.

The Livingston+McKay team has done it again! Two-time EMMY®-Award winners Livingston+McKay are in the running for a third EMMY®. These outstanding women have received a nomination for their documentary Primary Concern.

Livingston+McKay’s previous EMMY®-winning documentaries Central Texas Remembers WWII (2008) and VOICES: Finding Byron Herbert Reece (2011) make way for their latest hit about primary care physician shortage.

See the documentary trailer below:

The 40th Anniversary Southeast EMMY® Awards are being held this Saturday in Atlanta, Georgia.

The producers that put together this EMMY®-nominated documentary can boast of several awards each, but none of them ever would. Joani Livingston is a renowned director and producer of countless  documentaries and media projects.

She now shares the title of Founder and Principal of Livingston+McKay with her dear friend and partner Renee McKay, who is also a producer. These ladies have a bond that spans decades. Intuition and understanding, developed from years of friendship, set the stage for achieving greatness.

At the EMMY® Awards in 2011; Photo Courtesy of Livingston+McKay

These women are EMMY®-Award winners, as is Primary Concern‘s editor and associate producer Jessica Denk, who joined them on another documentary after their last smash hit Voices: Finding Byron Herbert Reece.

An exciting addition to the documentary team is globally-recognized professor and screenwriter Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray. She has a staggering background in ancient and medieval texts and has taken the film and documentary world by storm. SJ Murray’s formal title at Baylor University is Associate Professor of Medieval Literature and French (soon to be Associate Professor of Great Texts and Creative Writing).

Together, this team of ladies has created – for all the world to see – a documentary, Primary Concern, that will shock and awe Americans everywhere. Set in rural Georgia, this documentary tells the story of the country’s impending physician shortage.

Leading a story workshop with SJ Murray; Photo Courtesy of Livingston+McKay

We are approaching the greatest medical crisis the United States has seen in over a century. Aging baby-boomers, a dramatic drop of primary care residents, and even fewer available residencies will make scheduling a doctor appointment exceedingly difficult.

Primary Concern is asking a simple question: where have all the doctors gone?

The documentary’s non-partisan approach to discussing a grave medical issue is ringing true for liberal and conservative media stations alike. It was originally released locally in Georgia before going viral nationwide. As it turns out, one release is not enough. Back by popular demand, Primary Concern is set to air on PBS again this fall!


Check your local PBS listings for days and times Primary Concern will air in your area. A partial list of air dates and times may be found as stations make known their schedules.

Learn more about this amazing documentary at Livingston+McKay’s Official Site


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