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Last edited on: July 21, 2014.

The doctors say it was a miracle that young Colton Burpo survived his surgery.  Now, Colton claims to have visited Heaven during his near-death experience, seeing people he couldn’t have seen and knowing facts he shouldn’t know.  As the evidence piles up, will his father hold onto his preconceived notions of what is possible, or will he believe his son’s incredible testimony?

Sony Pictures Entertainment and director Randall Wallace bring you the amazing true story of one child’s supernatural experience and the lives that encounter changed.  Starring Greg Kinnear (As Good as It Gets), Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes), and Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man 3), this inspiring film comes out on DVD tomorrow!


For more information, check out our Interview with ‘Heaven Is for Real’ Producer DeVon Franklin.

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