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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: December 19, 2014.

“My beloved speaks and says to me:
‘Arise, my love, my fair one,
and come away’.”
Song of Solomon 2:10 (RSV)

Even after all these years, the Holy Spirit still surprises me.
I love that!

The last few months have been busting at the seams with books and music and ministry and house guests. With gardens and yard work, canning and hunting, training puppies and traveling.

Most every morning I put my hand on my heart before getting out of bed and give the day to my King. I know without His leading, it will not all fit together and I will surely falter. So I step into His faultless, measureless, empowering grace.

Time and again I watch in amazement as He whispers instructions, leading details to fall into perfect order, my heart to stay light and joyful, and time constraints to give way to the Kingdom of heaven. There’s no joy like this!

Two weeks ago I had a raging cough and cold, was preparing for a book launch party the next day and to lead worship for a 3-day ladies’ retreat that weekend, and had family in from out of state. If that wasn’t enough to fill the day, our outdoor cat had gotten into a tussle with something and was looking pretty sick. So off to the vet we went.

After dropping off Scratch, I got in the car and breathed, “What should I do next?”

“Want to go on a date?” the Holy Spirit whispered back.

And I smiled. “Well, yes!”

In the midst of chaos, in the middle of a packed week, when I had so much to get done – He chose the best plan and invited me in!

So off we drove as He said, “Turn here, go straight, stop here.” And I found myself on a bench by the water, watching ducks, soaking in the sunshine, breathing the cool air, writing of His goodness.

I sat, full, yet hungry for more of Him.

For more of what satisfies.
More of what brings honor to His name.
More of me changing into His image.
And I marveled at this One who leads me to all these, sometimes via a park bench.

This God, this Perfect One, is more involved in your day than you can imagine. He is more intent on relationship with you than you could hope for. He never walks away, never looks away, and speaks non-stop.

Do you hear Him? Do you see Him?

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27 (NASB)

Many years ago, after many years of loving and believing in Jesus, a friend spoke this verse in conversation. And like a bur in my sock, it stuck with me for days, for weeks.

Did I hear God’s voice? Did I know His voice?

I wasn’t sure. I knew I loved Him. I knew He had led me and cared for me so faithfully. But I also knew John 10:27 was calling me to unknown territory.

I didn’t know that one day the Holy Spirit would whisper, “Want to go on a date?” I would have probably laughed at the idea. But many years and conversations and Life-giving words later, I know I can’t live without His presence. I can’t live without His Spirit leading and guiding, teaching and comforting.

And when He moves time out of the way so we can enjoy the sunshine together, I know again how I love to hear God’s voice.

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