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Last edited on: January 6, 2015.

In January 1985, Dave Christiano started writing the script to his first film, The Daylight Zone.

Six months later, along with his twin brother Rich, they started filming the short drama near San Antonio, Texas. After 5 days, they sent their film footage to the lab, got it back and none of it was useable. Dave had made a crucial mistake with a camera setting.

Did they quit? No. One month later, the Brothers regrouped and shot the movie.

Thus began the career for the Christiano Brothers in the Christian film industry some 30 years ago.

Today, 15 movies and 64 episodes of a TV series later, the Christiano Brothers entire body of work has had one goal in mind: to produce projects with the message of Jesus Christ for evangelism and Christian living.

"Time Changer" is among the list of the brothers' films; Photo Courtesy of Five & Two Pictures.

“Time Changer” is among the list of the brothers’ films; Photo Courtesy of Five & Two Pictures.

Theatrical releases have included the time travel adventure Time Changer in 2002 and the heartfelt period piece The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry in 2009. Both films played in over 300 theaters. These films were released through their distribution company, Five and Two Pictures (

The Brothers have worked with some well known actors such as Gavin Macleod, Patty Duke, Hal Linden, Robert Guillaume, Jennifer O’Neill, Harry Anderson, Clarence Gilyard, Michael Gross and Sean Astin.

From 2007 through 2013, Dave Christiano produced 64 episodes of 7th Street Theater, the first ever Christian drama series in the history of broadcasting. You can watch a free episode of the series at

Films by Dave and Rich Christiano have also been shown in thousands of churches of all denominations and distributed in many countries around the world. Countless decisions for the Lord have been recorded at these showings.

"The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" is a heartfelt, touching film; Photo Courtesy of Five & Two Pictures

“The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry” is a heartfelt, touching film; Photo Courtesy of Five & Two Pictures

“Regardless of the topic we dealt with,” says Rich, “We have always wanted to make films for the church first, to inspire the believer, and then also present the truth so a non-believer would consider the Lord.”

The Brothers have consulted with many younger filmmakers over the years to encourage them in this same manner.

They are offering a 30 year anniversary sale on their titles at You can also read The Christiano Brothers’ Story there.

Their latest film, A Matter of Faith, about creation versus evolution, opens in 50 more theaters on Feb 6th. The website is

Their next film coming after that is Power of the Air, a suspense drama about the corrupt influence of Hollywood.

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