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Last edited on: April 2, 2015.

A few days ago I came across this quote by Max Lucado:

“I choose faithfulness . . . today I will keep my promises. My debtors will not regret their trust. My associates will not question my word. My wife will not question my love. And my children will never fear that their father will not come home.”

Who do I choose to be faithful to today?

Like Lucado, I choose to be faithful to my husband, my children, my friends, and those I work with. I choose to be faithful to my extended family members, my readers, and my church body.

And as a homeschooling mom I can add:

I choose faithfulness: today I will keep my promise not to have unrealistic expectations; my children will not regret asking me to read another chapter; my family will not catch me stretching the truth or ignoring hard questions; my husband will feel respected, even though I’m busy; and my children will understand that who they are is more important than what they do.

Choosing faithfulness in homeschooling is an action. I choose by making daily decisions and following through, no matter how hard it is.

I choose through opening my arms and smiling. I choose by my honoring thoughts and words. I choose by putting others’ needs (especially my children’s needs) above my own. And it’s really, really hard!

But, the only way I can be faithful is to be filled with Christ. When I take time in the morning to pray, to listen, to worship, and to read God’s Word, then I get filled up. Christ’s faithfulness fills me and flows out.

If I try really, really hard, I can be faithful in my homeschooling day ten percent of the time (if I’m lucky). When I fill myself up with God, He works in ways that exhibit faithfulness in all areas of my life—even my homeschooling life. I am blessed as He works, and so are those who are in my little world.

I am faithful because He was faithful first. And when I choose Him, I choose faithfulness in everyday life, in everyday learning.

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