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Erica Galindo
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Last edited on: April 3, 2015.

One of my favorite Veggie Tales* is called, “God is bigger than the boogie man!” The lyrics go, “He’s bigger than godzilla or the monsters on TV.”

And boogie men, Gozilla and monsters all bring fears!

As we move into midlife there are many fears that plague us. What happened to my looks? And my hair? And my skin? And, oh dear, where are my breasts. And, why are they down there?

But there are more insidious fears. Fears that have lurked a long time. Fears no one can see. These fears disarm and disempower. They come in the dark of night. Or when we’re tired. Or overwhelmed. I call them “the dark voices.”

Fear of Failing.

You find yourself thinking: “I would like to write a book, take piano lessons, ask for that job.” Then the dark voice chimes in: “You’ll never be a success, You’re not as good as whats-his-name. You’ll never get hired. People will laugh at you.”

So you tell yourself, “It’s easier to do nothing. That way nobody will know I tried and failed.“

Fear of being “Found Out.”

This is the Impostor Syndrome. You work hard and attend to details. Perhaps your perfectionism is wearing you out. But, if you stop, even for a minute, people will discover that you don’t really know what you are doing and you’re not as smart as you think. It’s exhausting to keep up the facade.

Fear of Scarcity.

Not enough Money: “I need to work at a job I don’t like, with hours that are killing me because I need the money. There is never enough.”

Not enough Recognition: “After all I do, “they” take me for granted. I’m always giving, doing, being for others. I’m not appreciated. It’s not fair. When will I get what I deserve?”

Not enough Significance: I wish I were a better mother, wife, friend, worker. I’m disappointed in my marriage. My children. And worse yet . . . I’m disappointed in myself. Look at my neighbor. She has it all. Everyone loves her. I really haven’t turned out as I had hoped.”

One wonders if we can silence the “dark voices.” Perhaps we can’t. But God can! Perfect love, we are told, casts out fear.

God really is bigger than the boogie man. Much!

This is where the faith factor comes in. Choosing faith is far more empowering than listening to the “dark voices” tell us lies . If we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” then maybe we are not as powerless as we think.

Un-friend your fear!

If you had a friend posting about you the kinds of things you tell yourself . . . you’d un-friend her in a heartbeat!

Un-friend the Boogie Man! Un-friend that fear.

Name your fear.

Acknowledge your fear. Say, “I’m afraid of failing,” then listen to God say, “All things are possible with Me.” Mark 10-37

If the dark voice says, “That’s such a small accomplishment, it doesn’t count,” remember Zechariah 4:10, “Do not despise the day of small things.”

When the boogie man says, “You’re inadequate,” hear God say, “I have not given you a spirit of fear.” 2 Tim. 1:7.

Put your hands on your hips and say to the fear in a loud voice, “YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!”

Choose faith over fear.

Because “God IS bigger than the boogie man, and He’s watching out for you and me!”

What are the fears that slow you down?



* VeggieTales is a children’s entertainment brand that uses hilarious storytelling, silly songs and lovable characters to present meaningful life lessons with faith-based values.

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