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Last edited on: April 27, 2015.

Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, and their associates continue to roll out supplemental historical, educational, and Biblical materials for those who are viewing A.D. The Bible Continues.  On April 26, Burnett refers to the phenomenon that “twelve guys take down Rome” (as they birth the church that leads to millions of followers) at the beginning of Dr. David Jeremiah’s excellent television teaching from the Book of Acts. Dr. Jeremiah powerfully teaches from the scriptures on the purity, power, progress, and persecution of the church on television and online. Those who are interested in Dr. Jeremiah’s teaching on television on the Book of Acts as it is also depicted on A.D. The Bible Continues can find these programs on their local tv stations with an online station locator.

Dr. David Jeremiah’s sound, in-depth, Biblical teaching is singular in Bible teaching available on tv. For forty years, Dr. David Jeremiah has been committed to sharing the power of the Bible to transform lives. His teaching is recorded at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, where Dr. Jeremiah is the Senior Pastor. His Turning Point ministry is available on radio and television. It’s goal is to deliver “the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.”

Dr. Jeremiah’s television programming has lifted television Bible teaching in terms of content, communication excellence, and artistic presentation just as Mark Burnett’s and Roma Downey’s A.D. The Bible Continues has elevated content and artistry on Primetime television. As the front cover of TV Guide currently reports, fundamentally “Jesus is saving Primetime.”

twelve people take down rome

Photo from the episode “The Wrath”; Photo Courtesy of NBC.

Mark Burnett’s and Roma Downey’s work in movies and television is on the forefront of the ongoing Reformation of content and Renaissance of artistry in media today. As Mark and Roma have worked hard to visit and communicate with churches of all denominations across the country and globe, they are rallying those who believe in the Bible, fostering unity among Bible-believing people, and bringing Bible believers together around the world to aid the growing number of persecuted Bible-believing people. Their courageous, hard work includes beautiful redemptive movies such as Son of God and Little Boy and compelling television series such as The Bible and A.D. The Bible Continues.

Supplementally, Burnett, Downey, and their associates are incrementally rolling out auxiliary, insightful, and educational materials online in many forms for A.D. The Bible Continues that includes the following and more: daily reports to supporters that include in-depth insights on the series (articles, actor videos, insights, biographies of the disciples…), videos on Youtubepreviews and archived segments online on NBC, corresponding teaching materials, weekly Beyond A.D. discussions on tv and online and much more. The enrichment Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, and their associates are providing for Bible-believing people around the world is deep and wide. It is inspirational, strengthening, and hopeful for such a time as this.

twelve people take down rome

Mary and Maya; Photo Courtesy of NBC.

The weekly segment of Beyond A.D. has been rolled out to A.D. supporters on television and online. The teaching segment is rich with insights about the Jewish Festivals and the birth of the church that is set in the historical context of the Roman control of Jerusalem.

On April 26, millions were anticipating the fourth of episode of A.D. The Bible Continues. Having previewed this fourth episode of A.D. The Bible Continues, Dr. Ted Baehr said about it that it “is one of the best-structured episodes of the series….has a strong plotline..only cautionary element is some of the bloody violence in the episode… The Name of Jesus is not only lifted up in Episode 4 but also the lame walk, and the dead are resurrected in the Name of Jesus. Finally, the Holy Spirit is a very real and powerful person in this episode. Episode 4 is a powerful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Stay tuned for weekly articles on A.D. The Bible Continues that cover the ongoing episodes and incremental roll-out of supplemental historical, educational, and Biblical insights through ongoing auxiliary materials for A.D. The Bible Continues. Stay tuned also for an upcoming personal interview of one of the lead actors from A.D. The Bible Continues with this writer that NBC is facilitating and more on how A.D. The Bible Continues and the work of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey is enriching global faith in the Bible, aiding persecuted Christians worldwide, and unifying believers in the Bible around the world.

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