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Last edited on: August 29, 2015.

A mother hears the voice of God and rushes to protect her family moments before a deadly tornado crashes through their home.  A son suffers a horrifying lawnmower accident, and as his parents pray for guidance for the next step, an unexpected sign changes all their lives forever.  These are the miracles that happen every day if we only look for them.  They are our answered prayers.

Roma Downey and Lightworkers Media present Answered Prayers, a new six-part series airing on TLC.  Experience the power of God in these real-life stories of His miraculous protection and guidance.  Answered Prayers airs its season finale on TLC tomorrow, August 30, at 1/12c!

For more from Roma and Lightworkers Media, check out ‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ Wins K-Love Movie & TV Impact Award.

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  1. randallrkniess

    I believe in miracles. We had a young woman who broke her wrist at work and had to have pins put in to help set the broken bones. She was prayed for and believed it was healed. She felt under her cast and could not feel any stitches. She had it xrayed and the pins were gone- dissolved! Even the scarring was gone. Her doctor actually became upset because he couldn’t explain it.


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