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Christina Noble suffered harsh abuse as a girl, which broke everything but her spirit.

Others took from her everything but her dream for a life calling. As a young woman, Christina Noble began having dreams, visions, a sense of calling from God to Vietnam, a country half a world away. Even after unthinkable adversities in her early life, Christina escaped the slums of Ireland, and journeyed to Vietnam in 1989 at the age of 44. There she encountered the extreme poverty and horrifying loss of innocence of thousands of street children. She did not retreat or give up. She did whatever it took to rescue these children. The movie Noble is her story.

On April 28 in an exclusive interview with Sonoma Christian Home, Stephen Bradley(writer/director/producer) of the profoundly inspirational movie, Noble, revealed much about the amazing true story of Christina Noble, an Irish woman who overcame extreme abuses to go on to rescue a million children, now honoring other women who perform Noble humanitarian service.

The value and significance of innocent children is the primary theme in the powerfully inspirational movie Noble due out in theaters May 8. Having privately screened the movie Noble and exclusively interviewed the director, Sonoma Christian Home found this movie beautifully unique in the way it puts sweet, human faces on street children in their desperate plights.

Deirdre O'Kane stars as Christina Noble; Photo Courtesy of Destiny Films.

Deirdre O’Kane stars as Christina Noble; Photo Courtesy of Destiny Films.

The performances of the lead actors are especially believable, compelling, and engaging. Deirdre O’Kane plays Christina Noble. Brendan Coyle (of Downton Abbey) plays Gerry Shaw.

Director Stephen Bradley has said that this movie is about the story of determined Christina Noble, an Irish woman with a funny, feisty personality who flies into Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam in 1989, due to a calling from God. With very little money, but with faith and her own indomitable courage, she rescues and positively changes over time the lives of a million street children.

Bradley says that Noble is the inspirational true story of a woman who proves that it only takes one person to make a difference. In an interview with Sonoma Christian Home, he shared further insights in response to questions about this amazing story. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard reports.

Christina Noble was influential in saving a million Vietnamese children; Photo Courtesy of Destiny Films.

Christina Noble was influential in saving a million Vietnamese children; Photo Courtesy of Destiny Films.

SCH: You have a broad range of experience as a writer, director, and producer. What inspired you to write, direct, and produce this project?

SB: My wife, Deirdre O’Kane, had become familiar with the story and wanted this profound story told.

SCH: Did you find it a worthwhile project to produce?

SB: Absolutely! It has been a deeply meaningful, worthwhile, important story to tell. Working on this movie was specially rewarding.

SCH: Your wife, Deidre O’Kane did a wonderful job of believably portraying Christina with the layers of her personality and personal history.

SB: Yes, Christina has a fascinating personality. She is courageous and funny, which makes the movie entertaining. Diedre is also Irish and could understand Christina’s Irish past.

Director Stephen Bradley on set; Photo Courtesy of Destiny Films.

Director Stephen Bradley on set; Photo Courtesy of Destiny Films.

SCH: You deal with three stages of Christina’s personal history and seem to focus on the last one.

SB: Yes, the flashbacks to the earlier stages bring insight to the last stage in Viet Nam.

SCH: What part does faith play in the movie?

SB: It plays a significant, foundational part. It was Christina’s faith that led her in everything she did.

SCH: How has this movie served the Greater Good?

SB: The movie has inspired special groups, such as Viet Nam Vets in their processing their experiences in Viet Nam. It has also served universally to highlight the value of all children.

SCH: Do you think the value of children is the central theme of the movie?

SB: Yes, the primary theme is the value of the child.


Liam Cunningham, Lauren Malone, Gloria Cramer Curtis and Charlie Whelehan in Noble; Photo Courtesy of Destiny Films.

SCH: Tell me about those who played the Vietnamese children.

SB: They were all orphan children from the Christiana Noble Foundation, including the lead child actors.

SCH: How were these Vietnamese children able to contribute to the movie?

SB: They understood from their own experiences the struggles the movie depicts.

SCH: How long was it from the time that Christina first felt called to Viet Nam and the time that she went?

SB: It was sixteen years between the time Christina first felt called and actually went to Viet Nam. She waited until her own children were grown before she went.

SCH: That was probably wise on her part because her children now are involved in her work, as I understand.

SB: Yes, her children now are actively involved in running the Christian Noble Foundation that has served children in Viet Nam and Mongolia.

SCH: Is there anything further you would like to share?

SB: Please encourage readers to go to the Noble movie Web site for even more information!


This movie is appropriate for a mature audience due to gritty realism, thematic content, and violent scenes.

In honor of other women who have demonstrated a brave spirit and determination like Christina Noble, Aspiration Media has started the “She is Noble” initiative. Women dedicated to a life of courage and compassion can be nominated at where a team of professional writers, podcasters, and videographers may tell her story. A grand prize winner, who will be announced in early May, will receive $10,000 towards her work, and the person who nominated her will win a trip for two to Ireland. More information can be found on the “She is Noble” Web site.

Christina Noble is the founder of The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation , which has built more than 100 projects across Vietnam and Mongolia, helping to improve the lives of nearly one million children and their families since 1991.

Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies)

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