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Last edited on: June 17, 2015.

After enduring with her family devastating events that have culminated in a trial that threatened the lives of her family, Jackie Carpenter has become a published author, motivational speaker, as well as executive producer of Stand Your Ground.

Producer Jackie Carpenter, on June 13, gives updates on the movie Stand Your Ground, film Praying for Rainbows, and television program The Christian View in exclusive interviews and information. Stand Your Ground that has been in theaters is now available as a DVD on Amazon with helpful reviews on the site. Praying for Rainbows has received an award. The Christian View continues with success and has also received awards.

On June 13, Jackie also shares ongoing information with her supporters about her many projects, since she lived the events of Stand Your Ground, that tells the story of her personal journey of faith and growth when her son was wrongfully accused of murder. Her own life has become an example of how, as the Bible puts it, God can give a garland instead of ashes and the oil of gladness instead of mourning. Stand Your Ground is based on her family’s inspiring true story told in Carpenter’s books “The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91” and “Georgia Justice: Journey to Faith.” Jackie Carpenter and Michael McClendon have co-authored the novel Stand Your Ground, which will be available in bookstores soon.

Jackie Carpenter has also written several children’s stories which have been adapted for the silver screen by screenwriter Michael McClendon. Praying for Rainbows is a faith-building film especially for children to help them learn that they can move mountains through God’s word in Psalm 91. The screenplay for Praying for Rainbows has won its first film festival award.

Jackie has also created, executively produced and hosted the television show, The Christian View, which is an award-winning program filmed in front of live audiences on WATC TV 57 Atlanta where four women entertain, enlighten, and edify their audiences, when they address hot, contemporary topics from diverse but positive points of view. Jackie Carpenter’s work reveals what God can do in and through His people, when they stand their ground in Him and on His Word, The Bible.

Jackie lives in Ellaville, Georgia, with her husband Larry. She is the mother of two sons who are both pastors, and she has two beautiful daughters-in-law and four wonderful grandchildren.

Stand Your Ground, which is based on real events, is a singular and inspirational movie in its honest, authentic presentation of the struggles a family endures that are complex, tragic, and threatening. It is a faith-based film that does not sugar coat or over-simplify the complexity of trials this family faces and that other people of faith, like them, get through with prayer, the support of others, and persistence. It is a story of how God can do what seems impossible, when Christians who are in the midst of immense struggles take their stand in Him.

The award winning “Stand Your Ground” movie tells the story of Jackie’s faith-filled journey to justice. It premiered in 16 theaters in January 2014 and will be released on DVD worldwide this fall.

The award winning “Stand Your Ground” movie tells the story of Jackie’s faith-filled journey to justice.

This movie depicts the real experiences of Jackie Carpenter (played authentically by Francine Locke) when her son, Jason (Drew Matthews), has been accused of murder. When Jackie’s son has been wrongfully accused of murder, she prays for a miracle and fights with all she has against all odds to set him free. But when the prosecution seeks a life sentence, Jackie’s world seems to spin out completely of control and she ultimately comes to her knees on the court steps. In the film, Jackie Carpenter fights against impossible obstacles to free her son, but is God who comes to the rescue as He quietly works and intervenes to free the unjustly accused and renew the faith of Jackie, her family, and the community.

Stand Your Ground is timely for today when justice often seems perverted and injustice seems to prevail. This movie is inspirational on micro and macro levels. It inspires individuals, groups, and societies. It is honest in its depiction of the trials, perseverance, and endurance that people of The Book and of faith experience.

The story takes place in a little town in farm country in Georgia. Jackie Carpenter (Francine Locke) and her husband Larry Carpenter (Darrel Ervin) are affluent and have a nice home. Jackie has two adult sons: Jim (John Dollar), her eldest, is a minister and Jason (Drew Matthews), the younger brother, is in real estate.

Darrel Ervin and Francine Locke in "Stand Your Ground"; Photo courtesy of Triple Horse Studios.

Darrel Ervin and Francine Locke in “Stand Your Ground”; Photo courtesy of Triple Horse Studios.

Jason has struggled with seventeen robberies of his properties in a new development. Counter to Jackie’s concerns, he goes to keep watch at night to catch the robbers and call the police. Jackie and Larry receive a call that Jason has been arrested for murder. Their peaceful world turns upside down.

In emotional visits, the family speaks to Jason through glass at the jail. Jason’s wife, Stephanie, struggles and does not know what to say to their six year-old son. Jackie vows to do all she can to get her son out of jail and back home.

Throughout Stand Your Ground, the faith and relationships of each in the family are tested and develop. At first, Jason is charged with felony murder. However, the charges are reduced when it comes to light that advice was given to Jason by an unethical policeman who was later released from duty. Eventually, Jason’s charges are dropped to voluntary manslaughter with three to five years in prison, if Jason pleads guilty. Jason can also choose to go to trial at the mercy of the jury.

Jason and Stephanie believe God is leading them to choose the trial. Jackie still works hard at taking matters into her own hands. However, on the way to the lawyer’s office after a car accident, which could have been fatal, Jackie accepts that she is powerless. She comes to understand that all she can do now is to meditate on the book of Psalms and depend on God.

Jackie wants to take her Bible to court, but the lawyer and family suggest she not do that because it could offend a juror. She stands her ground and takes her Bible anyway. Friends and community members who have brought scriptures in Psalms with them into the courtroom support her.

Jason finally testifies, as the able prosecutor grills him. Viewers learn for the first time what happened the eventful night when Jason shot and killed a man. After compelling closing arguments from both sides, the jury must then decide Jason’s fate and that of the family.

This captivating movie has won numerous awards from the following: Christian International Film Festival, Los Angeles NuWave International Film Festival, The Accolade Competition, The Alaska International Film Festival, Peachtree Village International Film Festival, Gideon Film Festival and The ICVM Crown Awards. Stand Your Ground has also received the highest rating awarded by The Dove Foundation for family-friendly films. See more information online.

Stand Your Ground, based on Jackie Carpenter’s books “The Bridge and Georgia Justice” has been produced by Triple Horse Studios in conjunction with Entertainment One-Phase 4 Films, and MarVista Entertainment. It is available online on Amazon and on site at WalMart and all fine retailers.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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