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You have your son for only a limited time, there is little time to waste. You know this in your head, but do you believe it in your heart? As a young mom, I knew my kids would one day be grown, but in reality, I lived like they were always going to be with me.

Older women would tell me, “Enjoy the time with your little ones because it goes by quickly.”

I remember thinking, Seriously? I will just be happy when they’re all sleeping through the night! –Can I get a witness?

But it is true moms–the years you have your children in your home will pass by quickly. So, determine to live deliberately, and not to let each day just happen.

Make friends with older women who have raised their children. Their experience will help you see through their eyes just how precious and few the days you have with your children really are.

As you go about your day, remember that your children are observing how you live. They are studying your words, actions, and attitudes to discern if your relationship with Christ is for real. They are developing their world view based upon what they see you spend your time.

Ponder these questions:

-Do your kids see you reading the Bible, and praying?

-When they hear you talk on the phone do they hear you encouraging others or gossiping?

-Do you make church attendance and fellowship with other believers a priority?

-Do you want your daughter to grow up and treat her husband the way you treat yours?

Or how about this question: Do you want the woman your son will one day marry to treat him the way you treat your husband? (Sons often look for a wife that is like their mom.)

What is the most important way you can spend your time with your kids? You may be surprised to discover the answer to this question is not found in the busy activities in which we so often find ourselves involved.

“God expects you to devote your life to making much of Him. Apathy is your enemy. If your words and actions are filled with a passion to share Christ and to encourage others, your excitement will be contagious to your son.

Your example will teach him the normal Christian life is one of urgent service to God. And you will expose him to the idea that serving God is an exciting way of life.

There is no time to waste, for in just a few years your son will become a man. Life is short, and childhood is short. So weigh the use of the time you have with your son.

So teach us to number our days
that we may get a heart of wisdom.

– Psalm 90:12

You’re not just changing diapers, burping babies, and attending soccer games. You are representing Christ to your son which influences not only him but everyone he meets in the future! How will you live in front of your son?”*

*Excerpt Moms Raising Sons to Be Men (Harvest House 2013)

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