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Last edited on: July 2, 2015.

Tricia Goyer answers question submitted related to strength and discipline in parenting.

How do you find the strength to lead like Jesus in the middle of the sleep-deprived younger years?

This is a great question! We recently brought two new kids into our home, and with all the nervous excitement no one was sleeping! I’ve learned to really work on decent nap times and bed times.

Most nights are kids are in bed by 7:30 p.m. and asleep by 8:00 p.m. They also take a nap right after lunch. I find sleep works best when they have a very specific routine and know what’s expected. I’m also known to nap when they nap . . . otherwise leading with a joyful heart is really hard.

But . . . I’ve also been known to read my Bible when I blow dry my hair or journal as Go Diego Go is playing. It’s not idea, but I need God to help me lead.

Living in today’s world is difficult for everyone, but our children and grandchildren face so much more “worldly” things in life than I did as a child. What ways have you shielded your kids and also allowed them to “know” about the world without being in the world?

Great question. We shield them from unhealthy media—television, movies, music, books, etc. But we show them how to love the world with real life people. We go to an inner-city church, and I mentor teen moms.

They learn that people make mistakes, but we still love them. Ungodly media plants icky stuff in, and serving others pours godly stuff out.

As a mom with children from a variety of backgrounds (some from adoption, one from your teens, and adopting children from foster care), how do you handle discipline without creating emotional barriers between you?

In Lead Your Family Like Jesus we make these suggestions for discipline:

• Keep the lines of communication open.
• Never embarrass or frustrate your kids in public.
• Remember the bigger purpose. It’s not to make sure the milk never spills. More important is to model servant leadership when the milk does spill.

You’re right, I have so many kids at so many levels. The issue is not the issue. Their heart is the issue! Most mistakes aren’t fatal—thank goodness—but how we respond will impact children for generations.

Sometimes the parenting routine of getting children fed, dressed, and clean seems to be the only thing that matters. But if that’s all the matters in your home, it’ll be the only thing that matters when they leave.


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