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Last edited on: October 19, 2015.

Is it true that ‘Woodlawn’ Is changing lives all around the country? The Erwin Brothers newest film WOODLAWN, which released October 16th, is a movie that has become a powerful tool for advancing the Gospel. ‘Woodlawn’ Is changing lives all around the country, reports television talk show host Glen Beck.

Is it true? Is Woodlawn starting a revival of faith? Inspired by the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s, Woodlawn delivers a powerful message of peace love and forgiveness.

This stirring video documents the amazing response that audiences are having to Woodlawn across the country. In darkened movie theaters young people, old people and entire football teams are rising up out of their seats and standing up on their feet to accept Jesus as their Savior!  Entire football teams are coming to Christ.

In a time when racial tensions are plaguing our country, this film delivers a powerful message of healing – a message of peace, love and forgiveness. Audiences know the time is right to build a bridge, and find a way to live in peace with our brothers and sisters across this great nation. We believe ‘Woodlawn’ Is Changing Lives All Around the Country!

Will you join the movement? Grab your friends, your family and your teammates and go see WOODLAWN.
You can buy tickets here:
Click here to read the Sonoma Christian Home interview with Woodlawn Director Jon Erwin

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