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Last edited on: November 18, 2015.

Today most viewers seeking entertainment respites are choosing programming that is inspiring, hopeful, and uplifting. This is verified by market research across platforms of entertainment delivery.

For example, on November 17 On DVD reveals that the most-selling top DVD picks in the family category are all movies with the theme of resilience and about those knocked down rising to heroic levels of service to others. The top three are Pan, Max, and Cinderella. C. S, Lewis, legendary Christian fantasy writer, has said that children do not need to be shielded from the reality of evil in the world, but they do need to be encouraged that evil does not prevail and that good wins out in the end. Classic stories that universally inspire from generation to generation have this message.

On November 17, On DVD also reveals the one of the top-selling DVDs in the war category remains Unbroken, which is one of the best movies of all time based on a true story about resilience, faith, and hope. In the action category, Ant-Man continues as a top-selling DVD about the rise of the redemptive underdog to heroically serve others. In the adventure category, top-selling DVDs Pan and the Hunger Games 3 are also about courage and the rise of the underdog to save others. In the action category, Ant-Man continues as a top-selling DVD.

The poster for 'Unbroken'.

The original poster for ‘Unbroken’.

In the African American category, on November 17, On DVD shows that War Room and Woodlawn continue as best-selling DVDs about the power of faith, prayer, and Christian redemption to overcome destructive divisions and to bring healing, restoration, and unity. Top-selling DVDs in the animation category are Inside Out that deals with overcoming joy; The Peanuts Movie about over-coming underdog, Charlie Brown, who rises to inspire the importance of serving others; and Shaun the Sheep about restoration and redemption that come after the sheep find their shepherd.

Finally, on November 17, On DVD reveals that War Room about the overcoming, redemptive power of prayer continues as the top-selling DVD in the drama category.

Christian on November 17, further reports that top DVDs have Christian themes and stories of courage, faith, and hope as well as resilience. Such DVDs include the following: War Room, Alone Yet Not Alone, Do You Believe, and more. Biblical themes of being struck down but not struck out, of faith overcoming evil, of good prevailing against evil are desperately needed for a Time Such as This.


Written by Diane Howard, Ph.D. (Performance Studies),

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