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Last edited on: August 17, 2016.

Jenny Klouse explains why you shouldn’t worry about your children as Christians in college.

“What’s in your eye, Daddy?” our oldest asked as we were all watching Toy Story 3.  Yes, Daddy was crying and so was Mommy.  Imagining sending our kiddos to college and parting with all the things that helped them enjoy their childhood brought tears to our eyes.  And our oldest is only eight!

This is back-to-school season, and many of you are facing the reality of sending off your precious little ones to college.  You have cared for them, taught them, waited up for them, prayed for them, and loved them with all you are.  Now, they head into adulthood, and you can’t always be with them.

Classmates in College

But there is One who can.  “Be assured today that the Lord your God is the one who goes across ahead of you” (Deuteronomy 9:3).  God will always love your children; He is always there to guide, love, teach, and care for your son or daughter.  The One who created them in your womb will continue the work that He has been doing in their lives.

No matter where your child goes to school, God is already there working.  On every college campus, there are others who also believe in Him. And on many campuses, there is already a group of like-minded students who are figuring out how to follow Jesus, a community that cares for one another and encourages each other to make their faith real and make a difference in the world around them.

Bible Study in a Dorm

My parents cried when they put me on a plane to study abroad in England my sophomore year of college. The first Brit I met was a Christian, and so I got involved in the Christian group on my campus.  My faith grew leaps and bounds because of that community, and I came home more confident in my relationship with Jesus.  I decided that I wanted to help other college students experience God the way I did, so I joined InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff after graduation.  In 14 years of campus ministry, I have had the honor to love, teach, and care for hundreds of students who have grown closer to God through our InterVarsity community.

A Campus Outreach Event

Discover what Christian groups are on your child’s campus, and encourage your son or daughter to get involved.  Almost 600 campuses around the country have InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an interdenominational community of students, who strive to help students and faculty grow in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people, and God’s purposes in the world.  Through small group Bible studies, worship, outreach programs, service events, and socials, students are growing closer to Jesus.  Students can experience their faith thriving and not just surviving college.  You can find contact information for InterVarsity on a specific campus here.

While you may still cry and wish you could always be there with them, maybe you will have the privilege, like my parents, of seeing your child’s faith blossom in college.

InterVarsity Friends on Campus

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To find out more about Christian groups at college, please visit InterVarsity.

To learn more about the author, visit Jenny Klouse.  She enjoys everything British in honor of her transformative semester in England.

Photos courtesy of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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