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Last edited on: October 3, 2016.

In a few weeks, we’ll exercise our civic duty and a right we hold dear. We will travel to our local voting stations and cast one of the most important votes, perhaps of our lifetime. Before we do that, there are 10 questions for Christian voters that we must seriously consider.

Outsiders are in, and insiders are out. Trust in both political parties and candidates is at an all-time low at a time when the two parties are diametrically opposed. Mudslinging, name-calling, and dirty politics are the norm of the day. WikiLeaks exposed the motives of the DNC while the RNC splinters in different directions. Some days this presidential election campaign appears more like ‘Days of our Lives’ with human nature spiraling out of control.

For those of you who are lamenting what might have been if any of the other dozen or so evangelicals who put their name in the hat had risen to the top … I feel your pain. But this is where we find ourselves 42 days from Election Day.

Many are asking, “How do I vote my conscience, when I don’t trust the character of the candidates?” As someone who grew up in the halls of power of our nation’s capitol, I’ve never seen an election like this one. Some people are claiming they will not go to the polls. And others are sensing their only option is to write-in candidates like Peyton Manning, Bozo the Clown, or throw their vote to a third party candidate with little hope of capturing the presidency.

Let us never forget that voting is a privilege many across this world would only dream to have. When the people in Romania were finally given the right to vote after 40 years of silence, they proudly rushed to the polls to exercise their right. And who could forget those purple thumbs proudly displayed by those in Iraq.

Unfortunately in Romania, the candidates on the ballot were distasteful to those in the underground church who’d paid a heavy price for their faith—former communists, many of which had persecuted them. Yet, they still prayed for wisdom and cast their vote. Apathy only begets moral decay, which ultimately leads to anarchy. In time, the underground church was able to plant on the surface and eventually support Christian candidates to influence the political arena.

Our country was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and the Bible. Many of our leaders in those early years were men of faith. It is the duty and in the best interest of Christians to elect political leaders who will promote Biblical values. That duty has not changed. What has changed is that we are no longer a Christian nation.

After his election, President Obama bragged to the world that we were no longer a Christian nation. Although I had sensed it, I was grieved to the core. We now exist in a post-modern world where every man and women is his or her own God. Yes, the good ole USA is now a multi-cultural society with many religions.

And I might add that we are moving more and more rapidly towards a socialist state where the government will soon control every facet of our lives.

Below are 10 questions we should consider when exercising our right to vote in this important presidential election.


  1. What is the platform of the party of each candidate? If you don’t like the candidates, look closely at what each party stands for. Click here to read a summary of the party platforms provided by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association
  1. How do your personal beliefs line up with each candidate? You can do this by going to
  1. What kind of people will this candidate surround himself/herself with? Remember that the strength of the presidency is the people this person appoints to many cabinet and advisory positions. A key to this information is who is serving as advisors to this candidate now. Who is the candidate likely to appoint to these key positions? The candidate will likely choose most of these positions from his/her own party.
  1. With our Supreme Court hanging in the balance between following the Constitution or rewriting it, and knowing that several justices will be appointed by the next president, what kind of men or women will this candidate appoint? One candidate has already given two lists of names.
  1. Will this candidate protect our religious liberties? We must realize that in order for evangelicals to continue sharing the gospel and sending missionaries around the world, we must retain this right.
  1. Will this candidate support our military and help rebuild it, reform our veterans’ benefits, and protect our borders?
  1. Will this candidate balance the budget and create jobs, or only add to our skyrocketing debt and increase government welfare and dependency? We must realize that if this trend continues, we will soon have more people living off the government than supporting it. This is unsustainable.
  1. Will this candidate support the institution of marriage and the sanctity of human life? If you think things can’t get worse in these areas, trust me, this is just the beginning.
  1. Will this candidate support our ally Israel? Genesis clearly tells us that those who stand with Israel will be blessed, and those who don’t will be cursed. (Genesis 12:1-3 contains the call of Abraham and these important words, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.”)
  1. Will this candidate restore law and order, and revamp our homeland security to protect us from terrorism?


Christians may not longer be the majority in this country, but we still have a powerful voice in this country when we vote and stand up for what we believe. The power of prayer is also a stronghold that no political party or donor can buy. Many thanks to Franklin Graham and others who are traveling our country and organizing efforts to move us to prayer.

We must realize that our candidates are only a reflection of what we are becoming. We see ourselves in them. So what is God saying to us? I believe it is clear that He is calling us to look to Him.  It is interesting that both candidates and their vice presidential choices of the two major parties claim to be Christians. When I compare each to Biblical values, however, only one in my opinion qualifies with a talk that matches the walk.

No man or woman or presidential cabinet can solve our problems without His protective Hand. Our problems are more spiritual than political. He is calling us to look to Him, repent, and turn back to Him. I pray we would heed His whispers. They are everywhere. He is speaking even in the midst of this political soap opera.


If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves,

And pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways,

Then I will hear from heaven,

And will forgive their sin and heal their land.


2 Chronicles 2: 14



Next week, in this exclusive series for Sonoma Christian Home, Ginny Dent Brant explores the history and influence of third party candidates.  The second Presidential debate will take place October 9.

2 Responses

  1. Jacquelyn

    What do we have to go on for Trump? He has never held public office! He has no track record of which to consider. All we know is he does what benefits himself! His advisors locked up the government and went against much needed legislation just because they didn’t want democrats to get credit for achieving. He has a terrible track record for diplomacy. He has caused the once silent bigots to raise their ugly heads. Yet, in my final analysis, whoever should acquire the office, God is still in control!

  2. Misttina

    There are 2 candidates. One is new to politics, promises to strengthen national security, promises to help Israel, promises to keep religious freedom and nominate the best possible supreme Court justices. The other candidate is for open borders, increase in communist/Marxist/socialist policies and late term abortion to the 9th month. She was lying during her impeached husband’s trial, during Benghazi trial and during email trial. No votes for corruption folks – never clinton. Vote Trump for freedom!


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