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Last edited on: January 16, 2017.

The election is over and in just days, we will have a new President. Now is the time to pray for unity and patience as we go forward in this new political frontier.

Several weeks ago, I realized that if God didn’t touch our hearts with healing, many of us would have miserable times around the family and friend tables of America. So I rolled up my sleeves and got on my knees so to speak, and began to pray for America.

Somehow, America has elected a new president, Mr. Donald Trump. He needs our prayers, not our vitriol. The fussing and fuming is hurting our fragile relationships in our homes, our churches and in the marketplace.

Throughout the 2016 debates and elections, many, including “yours truly” have reminded America that with prayer, we can do as my Uncle MLK often said: ‘We must learn to live together as brothers [and sisters] or perish as fools.’

My Uncle MLK, Daddy Rev. A. D. King and Grandfather Daddy King often taught from Acts 17:26: ‘Of one blood, God made the human family to live together on the earth.’ So we are not separate races, from womb to tomb, we are one blood, designed by our Creator to live together on the earth.

evangelist Alveda King post-election prayers martin-luther-king-jr-i-have-decided-to-stick-with-love-quote
Honestly this has been a very difficult season for me; testing my faith and my love for God’s human family. From the onset of my publicly acknowledged support for the 2016 candidacy of first Dr. Ben Carson and then Mr. Donald Trump, I have received so much angst that if it hadn’t been for God’s mercy and forgiveness in my heart, for myself and for my loved ones – friends, family, church members and others – I would have fallen into sin by either striking back at those who don’t agree with me or at least trying to defend my position.

Never mind that during the elections I wrote many blogs and participated in many interviews explaining that in accord with Proverbs 3:5 and 1 Timothy 2:2, we Americans must trust God and not the human candidates to rescue America from this present state of disharmony.

People still continued to flay each other with words, and in some cases as with the violent protesters, with physical acts of anger. Yet God continues to shine through our 2 Chronicles 7:14 prayers, and we must continue to pray and trust that even in the midst of the Book of Revelation Days, God has not abandoned us.

Let us be mindful of our words and let them be kind and not abrasive. Then in repentance and Agape Love, let us remember, The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Let Agape Love prevail.



This was written by Alveda King and republished with permission from Christian Newswire. Please visit their site for more information.

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