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Last edited on: November 19, 2016.

From New Life Cinema comes The Fight Within movie, to be released on DVD this December!

The Fight Within is a Christian film about a young boxer’s struggles in the world of MMA. The story highlights the importance of love, faith, and life – the kind of life that only JESUS can give.

Logan Chandler (John Major Davis) is a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts, but when his gym-owner father dies while training him, Logan leaves the ring. He finds romance with a young woman of deep faith (Lelia Symington) and seeks to overcome his troubled past and build a new life. But his new faith is tested when a local MMA professional (Matt Leddo)—whose only losing fight was to Logan—forces him back into the cage. The story hold strong Christian values, which is reflected throughout the film. New Life Cinema, the studio that produces the film, said on their website, “We believe God has a dream and plan for everyone’s life — we strive to create films that share the testimonies of a new life experience that comes from the knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.”

Th Fight Within Movie

The Fight Within movie

The movie was released into theaters on August 12th, and will be released on DVD this December. If you like action, heart, and movies, this one’s for you!

DVD release date: December 6, 2016

Be sure to check out the movie’s official website!

Also, click here to see their Twitter page.

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