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Last edited on: November 7, 2016.

Election Day has come, and it’s time for each American to take their stand in the beautiful canvas of America’s future. Trump highlights key issues in the election, urging Americans to see the big picture of America’s future.

Each of us has a choice, and that choice is not without consequence. America’s morals, security, and freedom is at stake. What’s at stake is the future – the future of us. While not to be taken lightly, now is also a time to be renewed, refreshed, and hopeful. After all, God is in control of this situation, and His will will be done!

In the last few weeks, a lot has happened. The polls have been dramatically tightening. Information has been released regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. The national REVIVE US meetings have come and gone. Now the election has finally arrived.

The day before the election, at perhaps the most pivotal moment of US history, Donald Trump delivers a few last thoughts regarding the key issues voters will face, and the importance of their voice.

Donald Trump Addresses the American People

Government has no more important job than protecting its people – and the career politicians have failed us horribly.

It’s why I decided to run for President of the United States!

The rigged system and the corruption in Washington is robbing the American people of jobs and opportunity, and has put all of us in tremendous danger.

When I am elected, things will change big time.

I will ALWAYS put the American people first, and I will protect us from threats to our people and our way of life!

When I win with your help we will wipe ISIS off the face of the planet, and defeat the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism.

Trust me, we will NEVER cut terrible deals like the one our current leaders cut with Iran!

We will build the wall to protect our border and our people – because without a border, we don’t have a country anymore. We’ll fix our immigration system to vet those seeking refuge, and we’ll stop the flow of drugs that is destroying families and communities.

And we will rebuild our neglected military to achieve peace through strength.

We’ll take care of our veterans, many of whom have been treated so horribly, and we will restore respect for law enforcement in our cities.

Incompetent career politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have made the worst decisions imaginable – spawning chaos and the rise of ISIS – and cut amazingly foolish deals with our enemies.

And we know that a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean four more years of the same AND WORSE! I know you agree it’s a huge risk we cannot afford.

There is so much on the line on November 8. Please take just a moment to get involved, so we can finish strong and win this historic race for the White House.

Best wishes,

Donald J. Trump





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