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Octavia Spencer symbolizes God. Or at least she portrays His likeness in the long-awaited film The Shack now in theatres, nearing the top of the box office. Based on William P. Young’s New York Times bestselling book of the same name, The Shack tells the hard story of Mack Phillips, a loving father of five.

When Mack’s young daughter Missy is abducted and presumed dead, Mack retreats into himself as he struggles with his past and present, plummeting into a state he refers to as “The Great Sadness.”

Mack receives a letter in the mailbox from “Papa”, asking Mack to meet with him at “the shack” near where Missy was taken. Being estranged from his own abusive father since childhood, Mack is confused and wonders if “Papa” is actually God, since his wife refers to God as Papa.

At the shack, Mack meets three people who will forever transform him and offer him incredible insight into tragedy. Mack is forced to come to terms with himself and some things he’s endured.

The Shack stars Sam Worthington (Avatar, Hacksaw Ridge), Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures, The Help), Grammy award winner Tim McGraw (The Blind Side), and Radha Mitchell (London Has Fallen). The Shack comes from the producers of The Blind Side and Life of Pi.  There are some Christian elements in The Shack. As always, research a film before heading out to the theatres.


To learn more about The Shack visit The Shack movie


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