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Last edited on: March 26, 2017.


In the powerful and intense retelling of the the Resurrection of Jesus, The Passion of the Christ, feels more precious and relevant in the weeks leading up to Easter, as we observe the incredible sacrifice for our salvation.

The Passion of the Christ depicts Jesus Christ’s final 12 hours on earth. The film demonstrates that Jesus willingly suffered and died for mankind. The majority of the film painfully shows – in as real detail as possible – the barbaric torture Jesus endured. This visual depiction of the Crucifixion is unlike any other we have seen in film and leaves a lasting and permanent impression on the hearts of many.

Mel Gibson set out to demonstrate Jesus’ passion for humankind and how He gave of himself of His own volition to save us all, knowing we may never love Him.

As the days draw closer to Easter, we reflect more than ever, on our gift of salvation. This poignant glimpse inside the life of Jesus and his earthly family, the betrayal, and His eventual sacrifice is violent, intense, and important.

The Passion of the Christ first came to theatres in 2004 and earned over $370 million in the United States alone. It featured such languages as Aramaic, Hebrew, and Latin, and starred Jim Caviezel as Jesus. The story begins in Gethsemane and ends when Jesus rises again and leaves the tomb. The film received several Academy Award nominations and is available on DVD.

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