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Last edited on: August 23, 2017.

Life Action is excited to announce its partnership with Christian Cinema for the release of their unique mini-series ‘The Wasteland’.

The Wasteland is a gripping allegory in a world full of desolation and brokenness. The story follows the journey of a man who through daily drift and careless decisions, abandoned the one who loved him most. But there is hope, an invitation to return to the life he once knew. The Wasteland is a story of hope, a story of redemption, and a story of revival.

Aaron Paulus, Executive Producer of The Wasteland, said, “We are excited about the far-reaching potential of this mini-series. Through the various social communities, we hope this film will be the beginning of many believers returning to God.”

According to Facebook, there are nearly 2 billion people active every month. Bobby Downes, CEO of says, “We are excited to partner with Life Action for the broadcast and release of the mini-series ‘The Wasteland’ on Christian Cinema Facebook Live. We believe Facebook is the future of television because we have seen a tremendous response from showing Bible centric content on Facebook Live.”

Starting Thursday, August 24, a brand-new episode will be released each week. All five episodes will be broadcast via Facebook LIVE on Christian Cinema and Life Action’s Facebook pages. Episodes will also be available on and across all of its apps: iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Amazon Fire TV and Tablets.

Christian Cinema is also available on iOS platform!




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