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Last edited on: September 23, 2017.

With all the alarming news about “signs in the heavens” and doomsday theories, Greg Laurie Sermon is perhaps more relevant than ever.

The fact is, Jesus is coming soon. It’s both exciting and terrifying. If the end of times does come in our lifetimes, what will happen to all of our loved ones who haven’s accepted Christ as their Savior? On the other hand, Heaven is undoubtedly something to look forward to: an eternity in the presence of our God.

It’s at times like this when we realize how little we know about Biblical prophesy. Pastor Greg Laurie gives viewers a good introduction to the book of revelation,and his sermon is available to watch in the video above!

The book of Revelation is Christ revealing himself to us. Pastor Greg gives reasons on why and how we can live in the present to reach others because of the soon return of Jesus.

You can learn more about Greg Laurie’s Harvest America here!




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