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Last edited on: November 28, 2017.

Watch Ray Comfort’s testimony in the video below!

In this video, Ray Comfort details his journey to a saving faith in Jesus. He lived a “good life” as a young man, but there was a season when he realized how futile and fragile life really is. The next day, he thought, his wife could die, his job could be taken away, and everything he held close could be torn from his grasp.

Ray Comfort is a strong Christian and well-known evangelist. He is president of Living Waters Ministries, and runs a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. His organization has also created a number of films, culminations of street interviews and insightful narration, that have garnered millions of views online.

For example, a few years ago Living Waters released the film Evolution vs. God. Here’s the trailer.

Anchored North, the group that produced Comfort’s testimony video, is a small organization dedicated to reaching the world for Christ through media. They create testimony videos that are short, honest, and have a clear presentation of the gospel message.

To find more videos like this, visit Anchored North‘s YouTube channel or the Living Waters channel!




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