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Last edited on: November 27, 2017.

Overseas Students Mission helps international students on Giving Tuesday (Tuesday, November 28, 2017). It is officially “Giving Tuesday” 2017 — a time when thousands of charities are soliciting gifts for their annual Christmas and New Year outreaches.

The mission needs about $10,000 this month to help reach out to international students in Charlottesville during the Christmas season. Nationally, there are over 1.3 million international students now in the USA.

Millions are joining the movement this year to give generously to the world. Even large companies like Facebook and Google are encouraging it. As Christians, we have a responsibility to give freely of all that God has freely given to us.

“Our goal is to show the love of God to every international student in America this Christmas through homemade Gospel Gift Bags, Christmas dinners on Christmas Day, and home visits with host families through Twelfth Night,” according to OSM website editor Roy McClanaham.

“So, just as events such as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ start the commercial season” says McClanahan, “we hope that ‘Green Tuesday’ will begin the real celebration of love and giving which is what Advent and Christmas is all about.

“As believers, we know that God our Father started the real Christmas by giving us the greatest gift of all. So we believers need to make ‘Green Tuesday’ the real start of this season of love and sharing.”

The traditional start of the Advent season leading up to Christmas will be Sunday, December 3, adds McClanahan.

Overseas Students Mission is working to help mentor and give birth to the next generation of international Christian leaders among the international students at UVa and across the USA.

Those wishing to contribute may do so on the giving page of the mission’s website.

“Just click on the Giving Tuesday – Green Tuesday 2017 icon to join in this event,” said McClanahan, “or you can give to designated gifts to your regular student mission or campus project.

“With the help of our friends at the new Corduro giving platform, we can now accept non-cash gifts as well this Christmas. Everybody can share, and I pray that many will give both in cash and non-cash ways.

“We are so blessed in America,” says McClanahan, “we are the richest people on earth and we believe that unto whom much is given, much is required!”

OSM is planning a nation-wide series of New Mission Launch Labs in the 2018 academic year to help student leaders organize missions to meet the most important needs in their homelands. Through a national network of campus rectors, mentors and Friendship Family hosts, OSM welcomes international students into American homes — and helps equip them for a productive re-entry after their American education.

To help or join this movement, go to the OSMission website and click on Volunteer Opportunities.

Volunteers are being sought to host students in their homes for holiday events and during the Winter Break.




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