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Last edited on: January 10, 2018.

Watch Francis Chan’s captivating video about embracing God for who He is!

We all question God’s judgment at least once in our lives. We live in a culture where Christians are proud to talk about the love of Christ. However, too often we overlook other aspects of God. He’s jealous, selfish, proud, and takes punishment seriously. Though these attributes may seem evil, they’re actually natural and pure for God! He deserves to be jealous, selfish, and proud. And everything that opposes Him deserves to be punished. As Christians, we can actually praise God for these attributes: for His love AND justice!

Maybe the biggest problem comes when we question the judgment of God. “How can God do this?” “How can God do that?” When we ask these questions, we’re placing our own sense of justice and morality above God’s. We’re acting as if He’s the one who’s flawed!

Next time you find yourself questioning the morality of God’s actions, remind yourself that God knows more than you. He’s the standard of perfection. Instead of questioning it, let’s embrace it! Let’s embrace God for who He is, not for who we want Him to be.

Yes, God is loving, merciful, compassionate, and kind.

But He’s also just.


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