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Last edited on: January 7, 2018.

Watch the trailer for Kirk Cameron’s new film ‘CONNECT’ below!

In a world of technology and social media, it seems to be getting harder and harder for parents to connect with their children. However, it’s still possible! Actor Kirk Cameron’s new Christian movie gives us the resources we need to connect with our kids on a heart level. It’s our opportunity and responsibility to instill the fear and love of God into the next generation!

The synopsis of the exciting new film is as follows:

“Kirk Cameron: CONNECT” focuses on children, parents, and families living in a society dominated by devices and social platforms – and looks to answer their questions with help from experts. Find help, hope, and strength for parenting kids and teens in a social media world.

This documentary-style film is in theaters February 27th and March 1st – just two nights! Fathom Events, the same company that put Genesis: Paradise Lost into theaters, is behind the theatrical release. Kirk Cameron’s had plenty of experience in Hollywood and the movie production world. From Growing Pains to the original Left Behind movies, it’s exciting to see what he has next!

What do you think? Are you excited about seeing Kirk Cameron’s new film ‘CONNECT’ in theaters this February?


Also, watch the trailer for Kirk Cameron’s last film, Revive Us 2!




4 Responses

  1. Primitivo Delaroza

    God bless you Kirk ,for doing Gods will.Lets get our kids before we lose them.May God be with always, Thank you for coming out with Christian’s movies,for we can watch and enjoy.

  2. Michal Sears

    When will this movie be available to purchase. I want to give it to as many parents as possible. This is valuable and timely and possibly life saving information.


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