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Last edited on: March 24, 2018.

Watch the Sean McDowell short message below to hear his response to the question, “is it OK to have doubts?”

Sometimes, as Christians, we are afraid of our own doubts. We feel too guilty to share them with others. Sean responds to those feelings with a personal story. When he was 19, he says in the video, he started having serious doubts. He doubted Christianity from an intellectual perspective and from an emotional perspective. At a coffee shop one day, he told his dad. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but his dad reacted in a way that was totally unexpected.

His dad said it was good that Sean was having doubts. Why? Because he finally realized there were questions worth asking, and he genuinely wanted to know the truth.

Sean McDowell encourages Christians who have serious doubts to write them down. Find the question behind the questions. Also, he encourages us to ask other believers for help in pursuing truth. Don’t alienate yourself from others in an attempt to answer your questions on your own. If you seek God, you will find Him!


What do you think of Sean McDowell’s video? Let us know in the comments below! You may also be interested in this video from John MacArthur on why evil exists in the world and appears to dominate.




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