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Last edited on: March 20, 2018.

Coming soon to theaters is Summer in the Forest movie.

This documentary shares the horrible truth about individuals with a variety of differences who were shuttered away in asylums, hidden from the world as undesirables and labeled “idiots.” But in the 1960s, came their lifesaver of sorts. Jean Vanier, a then young philosopher, took up their cause and those locked up were released. He had challenged and beaten the system and it was the first time anyone had achieved this success.

Vanier is now in his 80s and still a champion. In this important film he encourages us to “abandon the rate race” and seek out new friendships and connections. We see the stories of Michel, Andre, and David as we spend the summer in the forest with them, celebrating the differences in these unique and beautiful individuals.

Check out this incredible trailer and make sure to visit the movie’s site often for updates. You won’t want to miss this!





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