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Last edited on: April 2, 2018.

‘I Can Only Imagine’ success has been impressive and important. This film came out in theaters recently and is at the top of the box office, grossing $17 million in its opening weekend, with a per-screen average of $10,400. Because this movie had a production budget of $7 million, it has already had an amazing return. Churches and Christian consumers played an important role in turning out to see this movie in theaters during its first weekend.

In this gripping movie, Dennis Quaid displays a powerful range as an actor portraying Bart Millard’s father who undergoes a startling transformation. The inspiring and unknown true story behind MercyMe’s beloved, chart-topping song that brings ultimate hope to many is a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness, reconciliation, and redemption.

In the movie, while chasing a dream and running away from broken relationships with his father and Shannon, his childhood sweetheart, Bart hits the road in an old, decrepit tour bus with his new band MercyMe, which was named for his grandmother’s favorite expression. With the guidance of a grizzled music-industry insider, the band begins a journey which none of them could ever have imagined.

The initial box office success for I Can Only Imagine is significant. For consumers concerned about the content of media, and who want to make a difference in encouraging the production of good movies and other media, it is important to understand and exercise savvy consumer power for good. It is important to understand, for example, that much is at stake for good redemptive movies in their first weekend in theaters. The first weekend is highly significant for the success of the movie and its broadest impact worldwide for the eternal good of our world. Consumers who support good movies and media can make a difference. When they see the movies in a theater the first weekend, their consumer “vote” makes the strongest impact.

Unfortunately, movies that do not bring in significant revenue the first weekend are often dismissed as “disappointments,” “failures,” or “flops” at the box office. In recent decades, cinemas have been dropping movies after a poor opening weekend. To some extent the opening weekend can determine the future and fate of the movie.

In general, a movie has to make over 2.5 times its budget to be successful. A movie needs to make more than its global production and promotional budgets to make money and to secure funds for future movies. Movies are considered hits when they exceed both the films’ budgets and expectations. They are considered “disappointments,” “failures,” or “flops” when they don’t. By this measure and more, I Can Imagine is already a success.

Please continue to search for and support the best movies for your friends and families. The best is yet come as long we continue to support the ongoing reformation in content and renaissance in artistry in media and movies.

As audiences continue to see good family and redemptive movies in theaters, keeping them at the top of the box office, more good movies like them will be made. Watch for many top picks this year of redemptive, Biblical and faith-based movies that continue to improve in the ongoing renaissance of artistry and reformation of content in movies. Remember that consumers can facilitate the success and wide global distribution of good redemptive movies. Remember that a movie’s success opening weekend is important.

The success of 'I Can Only Imagine' demonstrates how important it is to support faith films.

The success of ‘I Can Only Imagine’ demonstrates how important it is to support faith films. ‘I Can Only Imagine’ success

Opening weekend ticket sales set the stage for a movie’s overall success. A strong opening weekend lays a solid foundation for international ticket sales and further sales on TV, cable, and streaming services, as well as on DVDs. If a movie “flops” on opening weekend, it may be considered of low value for other services. Big opening weekend sales are crucial to the success of a movie. One-third of the domestic gross comes from opening weekend ticket sales and sets the stage for its success in other modes of delivery.

Consumers can wisely use their power to change media and the world for eternal good. They can give support in many ways: purchasing, recommending, rating, reviewing, visiting their (Internet Database) pages, promoting on social media, and more.

'I Can Only Imagine' is still in theaters. 'I Can Only Imagine' success

‘I Can Only Imagine’ is still in theaters. Photo Courtesy Lionsgate

Throughout history, great art has been produced because of the wealth, power, and influence of patrons. Today, collectively those who are interested in redemptive and family-friendly movies and media have patronage Clout! In recent years, Christian consumer patronage has been influencing the production of edifying, enlightening, and enriching content in movies, television programs, streaming videos, and more.

Redemptive movies present stories of eternal hope and restoration that are desperately needed around the world today. Today, there is great need for those who produce movies and media to produce the best work they can, to conduct careful market research to draw the most, and to exercise social responsibility, as they hold themselves accountable for the great cultural and eternal impact of their work around the world. There is a great need for consumers to understand that they can make or break products and need to exercise effective social responsibility to actively support good redemptive movies and media.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” (Albert Einstein)






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