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Last edited on: May 27, 2018.

“To overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-lifers must be able to communicate what they believe without censorship. That is why I am on a mission from God to build the conservative Internet,” said Steven Andrew. He is the Christian Silicon Valley technology expert developing the new www.USA.Life social network.

Many pro-lifers have lived with daily fear when using Facebook. They don’t know if they will be put in “Facebook Jail” with their account banned for posting anti-abortion posts. However, pro-lifers will soon be able to share their life saving mission freely at USA.Life– the new “conservative social media” that “doesn’t censor life.”

“The pro-life community is quickly signing up now at USA.Life “to get top usernames while they are available and important updates,” he said.

“USA.Life defends life and will change hearts for God, but Facebook and Twitter are anti-life and brought darkness to people’s souls,” Andrew said.

Andrew knows what it feels like to be censored. Facebook did “the greatest amount of conservative banning ever” to Andrew. “Facebook blocked over 70 million people from me, because I stand up for life and traditional marriage,” he said.

That is why he wants to help pro-lifers by creating “the conservative Internet.”

Andrew started a crowdfunding page to fund the completion of USA.Life and the 1776Free search engine, which “gives pro-life results that are hid by others.”

“If the required funding comes in now, USA.Life and 1776Free will launch this summer,” he said.

Andrew’s Facebook account was very popular before Facebook’s blocking, which Facebook’s own data shows started after President Trump was elected. Andrew was reaching 5 to 8 million people per month and had posts go viral to a million people.

Then “Facebook increased their censorship to try to break up President Trump’s support and my account was restricted to reach only 97,000 people last month. This is over 98% blockage,” he said.

Andrew has almost a half a million followers who want to stay in contact with him. They contact him and say, “what happened to you?”

He believes pro-lifers prefer USA.Life over Facebook and Twitter.

“By offering the pro-life community freedom, privacy and the most accurate news, USA.Life provides competitive advantages over Facebook and Twitter,” he said.


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