Authentic Faith – Giving A Welcome Invitation

Do you feel inadequate because of human failures, injustices or difficult trials? SCH Contributor Kevin Adams shares the importance of setting aside what you know, & keeping your focus on God.

Navigating the Unexpected Path

Do you ever feel you're going into the future blind? SCH Contributor Kevin Adams shares how to hear the difference between God’s voice and your own in order thrive during tough times.

Another Way to Test Your Faith By Kevin Adams

Do your devotions lack the passion they once held? SCH contributor, Kevin Adams, encourages us to experience the Word as if for the first time by approaching Scripture with a fresh set of eyes and ears every day.

Getting Anywhere Is Easier From Here

Who here has a heart for using their spiritual gifts on the mission field? SCH Contributor Kevin Adams defines social media as "a landscape of beautiful souls that God has placed at our fingertips – a legitimate new mission-field"