happy family walks on beach during sunset with children - nurture a blended family

How to Nurture a Blended Family | Part III

The uncomfortable truth is that resentment can easily build in a blended family. Pastor Steve Carr uses biblical truths in highlighting delicate topics and offers solid advice to overcome challenges and nurture a blended family.

What It Means to Love Your Spouse – Part III

How do you love your spouse? SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr tells us how to demonstrate that you understand your spouse's needs through helpful actions that deliver them from their hardship or suffering.

Safeguarding Your Marriage From Immorality- Part III

SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr shares practical advice for strengthening your marriage and avoiding the common pitfalls that Satan will use to tear down and destroy the bond between you, your spouse and God.

Biblical Resolutions in Marriage- Part III

Do you often get into little disagreements with your spouse? SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr shows how humbly acknowledging your faults can prevent arguments in a relationship.