Carried Through The Pain

Carrying someone requires strength, compassion, and a sense of good timing. God carries you into forgiveness after your rebellion. He carries you in trials as your own strength is depleted. He carries you into new victories and through times of transition.

The Grass Is Greener – Time In The Psalms

Do you ever wonder if there is a better option in life? SCH contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley explains why our longings cannot be filled by things of this world - they can only be fulfilled by God!

Survivor – Time in the Psalms

Have you ever come close to dying? How has God rescued you? SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley encourages us to pause and thank God for the moments he offered us salvation, through the teachings of Psalm 18.
bridge surrounded by beautiful purple flowers - god's unfailing love for us


SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley reminds us through the teachings of Psalm 13 that God’s love is the anchor for your soul in a world that is in flux and confusion.