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Last edited on: April 11, 2017.

Time in the Psalms

Lord, who can live in your sacred tent?
Who can stay on your holy hill?

2 Anyone who lives without blame
and does what is right.
He speaks the truth from his heart.
3     He doesn’t tell lies about others.
He doesn’t do wrong to his neighbors.
He doesn’t say anything bad about them.
4 He hates sinful people.
He honors those who have respect for the Lord.
He keeps his promises
even when it hurts.
5 He lends his money without charging too much interest.
He doesn’t accept money to harm those who aren’t guilty.

Anyone who lives like that
will always be secure.

~Psalm 15


Key Verse: “Lord, who may dwell in Your sanctuary? Who may live on your holy hill?” Psalm 15:1

We live in a world that sends the message that you should live the way you want to live. What will it profit you, however, to gain the entire world yet forfeit your soul?

How can you enjoy an abundant life and have a healthy soul? God’s standards lead us to peace and joy.

In this psalm, God raises a standard that includes: 1) speak the truth 2) do not slander 3) honor those who fear the Lord 4) keep your word even when it hurts 5) be generous with your money 6) preserve justice for the innocent 7) repent from all glaring sins. When you honor God’s standards, you will experience more of God during the day. Your life will shine in a dark world.

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