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Last edited on: March 22, 2013.

Humble Pie is an acquired taste.

Not so with apple pie. For most it was love at first bite. Fresh apples sprinkled in cinnamon bedded in a warm flaky crust topped with brown sugar crumbles. It’s best served warm alongside an accompanying scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream, which begins to melt its way into a delicious blending of flavors.

And then there is you, with the spoon in your hand, goofy smile on your face, as your grandmother watches with joyful anticipation.

I hope in this era of food where fast seems to trump fresh that future generations won’t miss out on the nurturing flavors of a lovingly prepared, old fashioned pie.

Yet. With all apologies to grandma, in her greatest culinary moment she could never compete with the divine pleasures of Humble Pie.

For there are few things more spiritually nourishing than this perfect slice of Heaven.

There are basically two ways to eat Humble Pie. The preferred and Biblically prescribed method is to take the initiative to eat generous portions of it each and every day. Unfortunately, the most frequent manner of eating Humble Pie is having it shoved down your gullet.

For a guy like myself who struggles mightily with pride, I’ve had it served involuntarily so many times I have spoon scars all down my throat.

In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I was “provided” with another large helping. This was moments before getting in the car to head out to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.

Giddy with anticipation about my book proposals and the progress of my novel, I was anxious to share my ideas with potential editors. Wait until they see what I have for them!

Primed with self-importance, I went in the garage to grab a soda for the road. Suddenly–I kid you not–in full Wile E. Coyote manner, I stepped on a broom causing the handle to fly up, smacking me squarely in the cheekbone. I was an inch or so from losing my eye.

Having savored many varieties of Humble Pie in my lifetime, I recognized the taste immediately. Despite the pain, I managed to laugh and said to God, “I hear you…loud and clear.”

The broom handle was God’s way of reminding me who is the sole Author of good works. Without His guidance through each step of my path, there is no lasting glory. Only self-delusion.

I’ve wasted much of my life trying to do things on my own. All of these efforts ultimately drew the same demise; merely ashes cast to the winds. Trophies. Plaques. Awards. Public acknowledgements. Money…which merely comes and goes (and more often goes).

But, in God’s mercy, He’s also allowed me to taste the sweet flavor of Humble Pie. He’s taught me that the many broom handle experiences I’ve endured have always taken me to a better place.

When I can bite into the concept of surrendering to His greater plan for me, He uses me in ways which are well beyond anything of my own imagination or desires. Far greater than the work of my own hands.

There is incredible power in humility. It’s the source of strength for Believers, yet we trade it away so cheaply in the name of pride and self-recognition.

If what we accomplish is not from God, we must return to sender. Most accidents occur on the road to success.

Fortunately, no matter how badly we slip up, no matter how many times we fall short, we can always turn to that pie cooking in the oven.

It’s as simple as seeking forgiveness for our arrogance and replacing our self-centered plan with the one we were custom designed to execute. A plan with a much higher purpose, creating results to last all of eternity. All that is required of us is to give the glory to the Master Planner.

Humble Pie is always available on the menu. And it tastes oh so sweet. How about you? Would you care for a slice?




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