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Last edited on: March 28, 2013.

“Don’t ever question my motives!”

There you are. Hands on your hips. Finger pointing out. Perhaps, a thin stream of saliva dripping from your lip for added effect.

Have you ever been there?

Yeah? Me, too. In less dramatic fashion, typically several times a day.

But, I’ve learned to question my motives and I encourage you to question mine as well.

When? As soon as you see my lips moving. When you notice my chest rising and falling. Every step. Every word.

Why? Because my heart is compromised. Easily influenced. Pulled by selfish desires which lie at the core of my being.

I’m operating mostly from my own agenda. I’m building my own castles in the sand.

My thoughts. My ways. My house. My kids. My dreams. My sense of right and wrong. My way or the highway.

Share my ideas with everyone you want. Just make sure I get credit.

And when someone comes near my sand castle. Ha!

Hands on my hips. Finger pointing out. They’ll get a piece of me.

Even when it’s God.

But Michael. It’s not what I want from you. It’s not why I gave you those gifts. The people in your life. Those resources.

It’s not about you.

Then I look down and see my Me Castle as it is. Ugly. Alone. Barren.

Me Castles always disappoint. Even those which draw awards, parades, marching bands and dancing elves. Inevitably there will come a time when the music fades and we’re left to ask, “Is this it?”

The only things of lasting value my hands have produced are those inspired by His vision. His will. His plan. His motives.

God works in mighty ways through people submitted to His will. He uses those who walk in faith and rightfully give Him the glory.

We freely lay our burdens at the cross, but what about our desires?

Are we willing to go that far?

It’s foolishness not to. Because the tides will change, the waves will rise and our Me Castles will return to the sea.

And what remains is all that matters.

This is why I question my motives all of the time. Because I don’t have time for wrong motives.

I’m done with Me Castles. I want to help build an eternal Kingdom.

But you can’t build for Him until your heart is in the right place. The good news is through His healing words, He’ll take you there anytime.

Create in me a pure heart God.
And renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Do not cast me from your presence.
Or take your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of your salvation.
And grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.
Psalm 51:10-12




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