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Last edited on: March 19, 2013.

“Tori-Grace, you cannot have yarn with in bed,” I said as I began snipping and rolling up fuzzy blue yarn she had tied around everything. It was strung from her dollhouse, around her toys, wrapped around curtain holders only to end with it tied around her pillow. Immediately she began bawling over the offense of tearing apart her hard work. So I gave her a choice. “Tori-Grace, either you take the yarn down or I will do it for you.”

She looked up at me with her big blue eyes, behind her pink glasses before lisping, “I don’t know.”

So I made the decision for her.

Of course she cried ”I don’t like you,” and stomped her little feet. How often are we like my daughter? We have decisions laid before us and we can’t seem to get our mommy brains to decide which way to go? We become restless, unable to sleep as we wring our hands with anxiousness, unsure of the decisions. Then when God makes the decisions for us, it blindsides us as we stomp our feet and cry crocodile tears of our own.

I recently had a moment like this. In fact, Stephanie Shott was consoling me behind the scenes of T.M.I. as God made a choice I never expected. What I learned in that heartbreaking moment is this: Sometimes there isn’t peace in making the decisions but letting God make the decision for us. God is asking you and I to surrender this process to Him.  We can either embrace the decision, trusting God has good for us in store; or we can throw a tantrum and lament about the “Whys.” Sometimes when the decision is too big to handle, we need to step aside and lay it at His feet.

So the next time you have a ball of yarn and you aren’t sure which way to go, prayerfully  surrender your decision making process to God, rest in His peace as He makes the decision for you.

“A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.”

Proverbs 16:9


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