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Last edited on: August 6, 2013.

Freedom in Education Through Customized Home School Programs

The need for educational options has escalated over the summer, with more information being released on the mandate in the public school system to teach the “common core” curriculum.

“Homeschooling has opened up the possibilities for millions of students.  As parents, we don’t have to accept a one size fits all education any longer and that opens up the future for our children.”

More and more stories emerge daily of religious freedom being stripped from classrooms, ‘alternative’ lifestyles being promoted and students being unprepared after graduation.

Often, families feel trapped by the education choices they have for their children, or they simply are in a unique situation where a public school education is not a good fit.  Some families are required to relocate often or spend significant time overseas.

Others have children who are in competitive sports or the arts and are therefore unable to navigate traditional education’s time requirements.

Some families are uncomfortable with the curriculum used in the public school system, and may not have access to a private education.

Some children have special needs that make options in the education system challenging.  Other parents simply desire to give their children the optimal education available.


Customizing Education. Unlocking Potential

Bridgeway’s uses an extensive student evaluation system, which identifies personality style, gifts and abilities, and the ideal approach to learning for each student.  All programs are tailored to a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses rather than simply assigned based on age and grade level, so parents can rest easy knowing that they have a program that is guaranteed to work for their child.

“When parents realize the freedom they have in homeschooling; when they realize how powerful an individualized education can be and when they see their children shine, they don’t go back,” explains Jessica Parnell, President of Bridgeway.

Many of Bridgeway’s students pursue excellence not only in the classroom, but in specialized careers or competitive sports that require extensive training that would conflict with a traditional education schedule.

By tapping into the customized curriculum and time-flexibility that homeschooling offers, students are able to excel in both their passions and their education.


About Bridgeway Academy:

Since 1989, Bridgeway Homeschool Academy has been meeting the market demand for freedom in education. Through a holistic approach to homeschooling that includes customized curriculum, parental support, online tutoring, college prep testing and more. Bridgeway’s homeschool programs exceed state and national accreditation standards.


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