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Jackie Carpenter never intended to write a book, produce a movie or host a Christian talk show. It was a tragedy, a trial with many tears, and an ultimate triumph through God’s miraculous Hand that opened all three doors. These experiences have dramatically changed her view of life. She is now trying to change the views of millions through her newest God-orchestrated endeavor, a TV talk show called The Christian View.

Jackie recently appeared on the covers of multiple Christian magazines, including “Immpact”; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

The Tragedy

Church organist Jackie Carpenter’s successful and almost perfect life was torn apart when her son was falsely charged with felony murder, three counts aggravated assault and possession of a firearm. Believing he was innocent, Carpenter tried to free her son by researching everything from law and forensics to understanding judges and juries and hiring the best of legal advice.

This overpowering stress landed her in a hospital bed where God got her attention and showed her she was searching in all the wrong places. After she was released from the hospital, He led her to a book called Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection by Peggy Joyce Ruth. As Jackie says, “The Great Physician got me still and hooked me up to life support, using these verses in the Bible. I was in the rehab unit of Psalms.”

Jackie’s husband, Larry Carpenter, has stood at her side throughout the entire ordeal; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

The Test

But Jackie’s newly revitalized faith would be put to the test when her son’s lawyers told her before the trial, “Leave that Bible of yours at home. It could prejudice one juror who is not a believer, and one is all it takes to send your son to prison for 30 years.” For Jackie this is where the rubber met the road. How could she expect God to give 100% if she was unwilling to acknowledge Him 100%?

Jackie knew she could not leave God at home during the greatest trial of her life. She was determined to take her Bible to court. “God took me through those metal detectors, and He sat beside me,” says Jackie. “He nourished me throughout the trial with His words. At times, I even sent my son verses during the trial to sustain him. His Word is what kept us alive.”

The award winning “Stand Your Ground” movie tells the story of Jackie’s faith-filled journey to justice. It will be released on DVD worldwide this fall; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

Surrounded by Prayer

At one point in the trial, Jackie felt led to go outside. She located a bench which she converted into an altar and began praying “God help us.” While praying, friends and prayer warriors gathered around her. She later found it was during that time of prayer on that bench that the jury was deliberating, and some jurors were holding out. A prayer chain had been started from the first moments Jackie was given the terrifying news. God was telling her, “I’ve got it, Jackie.”

Jackie and Larry Carpenter sit on THE BENCH that became an altar during the trial. Jackie believes that the prayers of many people were what made the difference; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

The Triumph

Even the best lawyers told Jackie there was no hope for her son to escape 30 years in prison. But she continued to hope and trust that God would provide that miracle and deliver her son innocent from this seemingly impossible situation. On verdict day she heard the words she was longing to hear, “Not guilty, not guilty, not guilty.” God showed up in a miraculous way. Her son was set free and is now a minister. Jackie’s decision to bring her Bible to that courtroom enabled several books, a movie called Stand Your Ground, and now a TV talk show called The Christian View.


About The Christian View

The Christian View is a half-hour television talk show featuring a panel of sharp, interesting women discussing headlines and hot topics from a biblical perspective. It will be taped in front of a live studio audience at WATC-TV 57 in Atlanta, Georgia and will air each Tuesday at 9 am beginning September 2nd, 2014.

“The Christian View” will air on WATC-TV beginning Tuesday, September 2nd. Check your local listings to find out when you can see the show; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

Jackie Carpenter, the creator and executive producer, heads a panel of hosts which include Alisa Boykin, Rebecca Keener, Dawn Mooring, and Ann White. Each host has their own view and is ready to support their point of view with Scripture. Although they share the same faith in Jesus Christ, they do not expect to agree on every topic or issue. Their discussions are guaranteed to inform, educate, and entertain. One thing is for sure—they’ve all been steeped in the Scriptures and each has a powerful faith and witness.


The Co-Hosts

Alisa Boykin effectively juggles her career, church, and family demands while finding time to co-host on “The Christian View”; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

Alisa Boykin, a Bible College graduate, began her career as a model who opened her own modeling agency and acting school and eventually established the non-profit Educational Arts Program of America. She wrote and produced one of South Carolina Educational Television’s highly recognized series, Pygg E. Bank, airing in SC public schools to teach financial literacy through the arts.

Alisa and her husband, Lonnie, currently own T21 Entertainment Group, an artist development, public relationships and consulting firm. This multi-talented author, playwright and songwriter has received over 100 awards for developing talent. In addition, Alisa is the mother of seven wonderful, talented children. The entire Boykin family are active members of World Changers Church International. This superwoman is sure to bring aplenty to the table in topics about parenting and developing talent and spiritual gifts.


Rebecca Keener, a mother of three sons, will use her humor and Southern charm to bring God’s Truth to “The Christian View.” She is the author of “The Marvelous Madness of Motherhood”; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

Rebecca Keener graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Communications degree and is an ordained minister. She currently serves as a staff pastor in Women’s Ministry. Rebecca’s passion is encouraging women to be all that God created them to be. She delights in teaching weekly Bible classes, and using her gifts of speaking to motivate and inspire others.

Rebecca and her husband Edward Keener live in Georgia and enjoy life with their three sons. She will use her humor and easy-to-love Southern style to bring God’s truths to our everyday lives. When approached by Jackie to join the show, Rebecca immediately replied, “Yes, this is me. I love it.”


Dawn Mooring will bring a counseling aspect to “The Christian View”; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

Dawn Mooring was the first host Jackie Carpenter felt led to ask to join the program. According to Jackie, “After reading her bio, I simply liked it and her lively look.” Dawn is a certified counselor who specializes in women’s ministry. She is also a gifted and inspirational speaker who has taught Sunday school and Bible studies for more than twenty years.

Dawn also writes devotionals and is currently writing a book on Biblical communication. She has appeared as a guest on many radio and TV programs. When Jackie first approached her about the possibility of co-hosting The Christian View, her response was, “There’s one better than me.”


Ann White will champion restoration and salvation on “The Christian View”; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

Ann White is the “one better “whom Dawn recommended. She is the founder and president of Grace Ministries whose mission is to strengthen believers in the Word, equipping ministry leaders to serve, and empowering women and children at risk. As a Bible study teacher and ministry trainer, Ann travels both locally and internationally to partner with organizations that rescue and restore victims of neglect.

Ann has served as an advocate for foster children and families through her work on state and local boards and has led in fundraising projects to support her God-given calling in these areas. She is a leader of Precept study groups and the Discovering Leadership coaching program at First Baptist Woodstock. Ann is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Leadership at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ann has a love for spending time with her husband and family. She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, biking, weightlifting, and working in her studio as a goldsmith and engraver.


Pastor Lee Adams will also be joining the five women as a permanent stand in co-host; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.


SCH contributor Ginny Dent Brant got in touch with Jackie Carpenter to ask her about her life and her vision for The Christian View.

SCH: How did this show come about?

JC: On June 27, 2008, my life was almost perfect. I had it all – from a wonderful husband, children and grandkids, to building my dream house and traveling the world. But by the end of that same day, I would have given all the material things up to undo what had happened to my son. I received the call from my daughter-in-law saying that my son had been arrested on five counts, one of which included Felony Murder. False witnesses came from everywhere. The grief hit every part of my body and every member of my family. I was literally “a dead woman walking.”

Three books and a movie are just the beginning of what God planned from this tragedy; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

But God restored my faith and my body with Psalms 91. Yes, I was in the Psalms intensive care unit for four months. It was in this rehab unit that God hooked me up to His life support. My faith and life were revived in that rehab unit. We went through hell those four days of that trial, but the only positive thing is that God walked with us. We did not walk alone. Although I never planned to write books, speak, produce a movie, or host a Christian talk show, God knew these things were going to happen when I was at my lowest point. He is the one who has opened the doors. I only desire to be used by Him.

SCH: What kind of issues and topics do you plan to discuss on the show?

JC: We will be addressing issues and topics of interest to all women. Our first four shows will deal with relevant topics with these titles: Travel Light: Losing your Emotional Baggage; Moving from Tragedy to Triumph; Getting Healthy and Staying Strong; and Marriage Make-Over: Protecting, Enhancing, and Nurturing your Marriage.

Jackie enjoys family time with her two sons, Jason Veitch and Jim Veitch; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

SCH: What is your favorite verse (that has sustained you through difficult times)?

JC: It is definitely from Psalms 91:9-12: “Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” This bolded part will go on my tombstone!

SCH: How did you select your co-hosts?

Jackie and her co-hosts are ready to defend their views; Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

JC: Stacy Robinson and I went down the list of The Robinson Agency’s Speaker Bureau and read the bios on the ladies who live in the Atlanta area. We prayed for God to lead us to the right gals. When I approached the ones I felt led to and explained this would be a volunteer commitment, and they must incur their own expenses, I was amazed they all agreed and were thrilled at what God was doing. He even sent Pastor Lee Adams, who will be our permanent stand-in co-host, and Trudy Davies Davis, the top image consultant for the Atlanta area as our wardrobe stylist, and Gloria Stella as my co-producer. God is blessing us.

SCH: What do you hope viewers will take home from your show?

JC: I’m praying that as people are turning that channel changer, God will bring them to our show. I desire for each viewer’s faith to go up a notch each time they watch the show. Something will be said in each show to penetrate viewer’s hearts and show them there is another way and there is hope. I still go to my rehab center in Psalms 91 and I want to take others there, too. I’m a faith addict. All of my co-hosts and I are volunteers who desire to lay up our treasures in heaven, not on earth, by investing in others’ lives and giving hope to others. That’s what it’s about!

For those who enjoy watching ABC-TV’s The View, these topics will be discussed from God’s point of view rather than the world’s. This is a much needed perspective in our day when God is being gradually removed from every part of our lives.

Photo Courtesy of Jackie Carpenter.

The Christian View premiers Tuesday, September 2, at 9:00 am. It will be aired on WATC-TV in Atlanta, but will be streamed live and also be put on YouTube so viewers can watch worldwide. Jackie hopes to expand the show to other markets nationwide in the future. She is interested in those willing to help sponsor the show.



For more information go to the official website of The Christian View

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