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Last edited on: February 9, 2018.

Valentine’s Day is upon us! February 14th is a day when all of America comes together to rejoice in the great gift of LOVE. To get into the spirit of the holiday, it is only natural to start looking for virtuous romance movies for Valentine’s Day! For this reason, Sonoma Christian Home has put together a list of five of our favorite romance movies, each one perfect for the occasion. These movies range from new to old, and comedy to drama, but they all hold one thing in common: they bring us back to the perfect example of love: Jesus!


Fireproof : Never Leave Your Partner Behind

Caleb Holt is a firefighter, but his marriage is anything but fireproof. In the years since their marriage, he and his wife have grown distant from each other. Only when Catherine threatens to leave him does he realize how much he’s failed as a husband. Prompted by his father, who had a similar experience, Caleb takes a challenge: The Love Dare. Half-way through, he realizes what’s really missing from their marriage: Jesus.

Fireproof is timeless. It’s a story of discovering true love and reigniting it. Splashed with plenty of comic relief, and an engaging plot, this movie can really, and has really, changed lives. There’s nothing not to like about this movie! If you’re in for a classic romance with plenty of humor, action, and love, this one is for you!

Romance movies for Valentine's Day

Kirk Cameron stars in the cinematic masterpiece ‘Fireproof’, courtesy of Sherwood Pictures


Old Fashioned – Chivalry Makes a Comeback

What ever happened to chivalry? Clay Walsh has left his past life behind, and now lives in a small college town. There, he becomes notorious for his uncanny, and especially outdated, theories about love and romance, as well as a visible love for God. Then Amber Hewson shows up – a restless and beautiful young woman who has her own ideas on what romance should look like. As they are undeniably attracted to each other, they attempt to do the impossible: pursue an old fashioned and God-honoring relationship in 21st century America!

Released in 2015, Old Fashioned has been a positive force in a world where mainstream media is drenched in sensuality. The film takes us back to what some may consider to be an “old fashioned” courtship, at the same time revealing what a pure and holy relationship can really look like. Old Fashioned is a sweet, compelling, film that serves as a breath of fresh air for many.

Romance movies for Valentine's Day

Elizabeth Roberts and Rik Swartwelder in the chivalrous film, ‘Old Fashioned’, courtesy of Skoche Films


Princess Cut – True Love is Worth the Wait

Grace Anderson dreams of the day when the perfect man will slip a diamond ring on her finger and devote his life and love to her forever. However, things haven’t been going exactly as she planned. When her boyfriend rejects her in a bizzare turn of events, Grace is left wondering what true love really is, and if she will ever find it. Soon she meets someone else, but he clearly has different standards for their relationship. Knowing there is more to dating than what she’s experienced, Grace embarks on a journey, with the help of her caring father, to discover the power of true, Christ-centered love in their rural Carolina town.

Princess Cut is a light, yet daring, little film. It reveals many of the common failures in romantic relationships but also sets a standard. It shows how much a relationship can thrive when it’s honest, intentional, and faithful.

Romance movies for Valentine's Day

Ashley Bratcher and Joseph Gray from ‘Princess Cut’, courtesy of Watchman Pictures.


One Night with the King – Feel the Touch of Destiny

The beloved story of Esther, Queen of Persia, comes to life in this epic, masterful retelling! Hadassah, a beautiful and spirited young girl, finds herself among the women contending for the king’s affection. As an enduring love story unfolds, she discovers the awful plotting of Haman, the vizier in the king’s palace. Ultimately, she has to make a decision: to ignore the cry of her people and potentially save herself, or take the bold step of letting God use her in order to save her people from destruction. The scope and scale of this movie conveys the importance of her role as queen, as well as focusing on the tender romance between King Xerxes and Esther.

If you like the story of Esther in the Bible, you will love this movie! While the director does take some artistic license with the film, the message is not lost. This movie is ideal for a romantic movie night!

Romance movies for Valentine's Day

Tiffany Dupont and Luke Goss star in the Biblical epic, ‘One Night with the King’, courtesy of Gener8Xion Entertainment.


77 Chances – A Story About Letting Go

Jason Shaw is a photographer, but if he’s honest with himself, he’s really struggling to find true meaning in his life. He feels his life is a broken record, and finds no joy in the mundane. One fateful night he meets the girl of his dreams. However, their evening ends with a tragic car accident, leaving Jason feeling hopeless and confused. Soon enough he wakes up and discovers he is about to relive that day – until he gets it right! He can’t move on to the next day until he resolves his feelings about his family and his faith. Until that happens, it will be the same song on the alarm clock every morning, the same dull day at work, and the same amazing, awkward, hilarious first date for the rest of his life!

77 Chances is a cute, romantic piece of art. Rarely do you find a movie with such heart. The whole concept may seem a bit bizzare, but it is really well done – a very inspiring film!

Romance movies for Valentine's Day

Andrew Chenney and Rachel Hendrix, courtesy of the Erwin Brothers



There you have it! We truly hope you will enjoy these films, and cherish them as much as we do! Perhaps even more importantly, we hope they will serve as a reminder of the source of our love as Christians. After all, God loved us even before we were born! With that in mind, have a happy Valentines Day!


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