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Last edited on: May 5, 2018.

Time is valuable, but this is worth it. Take two minutes out of your hectic day to watch this video. It’s a video from the LA crusade in 1963. In it, evangelist Billy Graham calls for Americans to drop to their knees in prayer and lead a spiritual awakening in America. He tells of his dream for this country to become the spiritual leader of the world.

The LA crusade was record breaking – more like record shattering. On that day in 1963, he was able to share the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ to over 134,000 people. On that stage, in front of thousands upon thousands of people, he called America to pray.

It was not about Billy Graham. It was never about him. Not at all! God used him. While Graham may have graced the stage, it was truly God’s show. His presence was there, and it moved in the hearts of generations of people.

Even now, after Billy Graham’s passing, God is still moving in this nations. He is still changing heart and healing homes. He is still alive! Just open your eyes.

We need a revival, and we don’t need to wait for another Billy Graham. Watch this video, and then fall to your knees. Ask God to take the stage once more and start a fire in this nation – a flame that doesn’t stop until it reaches the ends of the earth.

With political tension mounting every day, and the United States straying farther from Biblical morals than ever before, we need to return to the man who made America great in the first place: Jesus.

So pray for revival! Pray for God to show up. Pray for HOPE. Pray for HEALING. Pray for REVIVAL.

Because God hears.

You can read another message from Billy Graham here!




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