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Last edited on: February 22, 2016.


There is more than one way to lose your soul. The easiest way (but perhaps not the most obvious) is to live singularly. But you are not. You are plural.


How do you find your soul? How do you identify it? Look to your longings. That’s the best place to start. The soul faints…longs…sighs…wearies…and languishes. Dreams come from Soul. Images are her language. And when She uses words, they always mean more than Mind can at first comprehend…and weigh heavier. Soul is Inner World.


Mind is bent on mastery and control of the Outer World, and is routinely baffled by Soul’s pleadings…and often misinterprets them. The two talk different tongues. And Mind has little time or patience for the winds and weather of the Inner World.


Heart hears Soul, but thinks it knows better how to fulfill her desires. The Heart is Will…Volition…Spirit…and if lacking discipline, will choose shortcuts to silence Soul’s yearnings. Soul craves intimacy….Heart craves satisfaction. And this frequently puts them at odds with the other.


People grow grave when they obsess upon one part of the Self…the body’s appearance…the willful need to be always right or have your way…the mind demanding constant diversion and entertainment…the drive to be a success.  When Soul or Heart or Mind or Body is favored at the expense of the other—a Singularity is born. Graveness turns to gravity…and not even light can escape the Black Hole that ensues within, wrenching life of all its blessing…strangling contentedness…swallowing Wholeness. You dig your own grave.


You are not singular. I beg you remember.


In the next few weeks I will detail more about Inner World and Soul…and how not to lose Her. I’d love for you to join me. Wouldn’t it be terrifying to know all the doctrine about the soul, and yet never know your own? What shall it profit a person?…a child?…an orphan?


Orphan stories are always instructive. While my mind is entertained by such tales…I sense my Soul stir and sit up…as if recognizing Herself…and unbidden seize upon the character of the orphan. For that is what the modern soul is—




Frequently in upcoming writings, I will refer D.M. Cornish’s The Foundling Trilogy about Rossamünd, “the boy with a girl’s name.” These books brilliantly mirror the soullessness of our day, chronicling the adventures of “the strangest, bravest little fellow” you will ever meet; and by his refusing to betray his soul, shows a way to recover what we’ve lost—The Secret Place.


Job 9:21—“I know not my soul…”


Isaiah 29:8—“…the hungry dreameth, And lo, he is eating, And he hath waked, and empty [is] his soul, And as when the thirsty dreameth, And lo, he is drinking, and he hath waked, And lo, he is weary, and his soul is longing…”



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